Mandalay Bus, Canberra

Midnight snack at the Mandalay Bus.

Since coming to Canberra, I’ve always wondered about this bus. What was it, why was it here, what is its past, why hasn’t it been removed etcetc. Yesterday night, all my questions were answered.

We recently noticed that the bus was being repainted and later saw people hanging around it. After a quick Google search we found out that the bus was opening as a food truck. Its a sad story with a happy ending. Check it out. Cleaning up Canberra’s big yellow bus

Very happy to see a late night place open up near the CBD. And only a 5min walk from my place. Hello Midnight Snacking! Here I come.

Ahh such good snacky, late night food! The crepes don’t look great but they were good! and pretty much everything else too!

The Mandalay Bus on Urbanspoon


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