Multicultural Festival 2014, Canberra

And the other half of my Multicultural Festival Canberra 2014 post – Welcome to the savoury food section! Hitting up foods that I will probably never really go to for a full meal – because I’m hopeless and they are hard to find (or I’m just too lazy to find them).

Everything was delicious – Wish I got more food on Saturday, I had a full day of food planned for Sunday based on what I saw on Saturday, sadly when I came out the next that all the food stalls had been replaced by charities, religious groups and NGOs. Lucky I grabbed most of the stuff I wanted on Saturday and had meh food planned for Sunday i.e. food you can get pretty easily around Canberra or any city e.g. Malaysian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese etcetc.

Things I had from top to bottom, left to right:

Hungarian langos ($6) – Deep fried bread with garlic, sour cream and cheese. Really since snacky food.

Taiwanese vegetarian dumplings (3 for $5) – Vegetarian dumplings with spinach, potatoes and cheese. Yum yum, I think it was better on Friday compared to Sunday. They were definitely getting more popular as the weekend went by, saw them frantically trying to make more dumplings to meet orders

Vietnamese vegetarian steam bun ($3) – Vegetarian steam bum with carrots, potatoes, bean curds and a whole bunch of other veggies. Got these and a couple of other veggie goodies including spring rolls and veggie Vietnamese banh mi! from a vegetarian store ran by the nuns from the Lyneham Buddhist Temple.

Bhutanese vegetarian dumplings (2 for $5) – Vegetarian dumplings with mixed veggies. They were super nice, first thing I got from the festival cos the store didn’t have a line. So glad cos I came back for more dumplings on Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t even know about Bhutan as a country until I stumbled across this store. It is a little landlocked country, wedged between Tibet, India and other small little countries. Great food, gotta try their curries someday.

Ethiopian curry ($8) – Yellow and red lentil curry with veggies and rice. Very nice and filling, should have tried it with one of their beers. Ahh next time.

Vegetarian Vietnamese banh mi ($5) – Veggie style pork roll, AMAZING! If you haven’t had a pork roll yet, go try it cos you’re missing out. There is the best veggie one I’ve found in Canberra. They are made by the Vietnamese nuns from the temple in Lyneham. I get this every month for our charity vegetarian lunches! I bump into these nuns every now and then delivering the food to our workplace.

Vegetarian springrolls and samosa ($1 each) – Veggie springrolls and samosa from one of the main thai joints. Good as always.

Prawn springroll ($2 each) – Prawn springrolls with sweet honey dipping sauce, really good, don’t remember where I got it from! Will need to find them again next year. It was the dipping sauce that made it great.

Ethiopian samosa ($1) – Black bean samosa, a little different, made out of black beans, I like it.

Tibetan samosa ($7) – Veggie samosa with tomatoes and cucumber salsa and yoghurt. Kinda different to an Indian samosa, wasn’t a crumbled coating. Really really nice 🙂


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