Chez Frederic, Braddon

Lunches and dinners at Chez Frederic.

This place is awesome.

Fantastic, delicious and yummy Italian at a somewhat reasonable price. At first, it came out and we were like, hmm thats a little small – maybe a quick trip to Maccas afterwards? But towards the end of this meal we were very very happily satisfied and full.

The pastas are faaantastic – I think its the sauce. Creamy mushroom sauce and napoletana sauce together is good, try it. Really, just do it.

Definitely going to hit up this place more often – thanks for opening a fantastic food place a 5min walk from home and work!

Things I’ve had so far:

Spinach and feta ravioli with creamy mushroom sauce and napoletana sauce: This was the first thing I had at Chez. We dropped by one night and I was eager to try out the eggplant parmigiana. Sadly, it was late and they had sold out. I wasn’t feeling like seafood so I decided to go veggie. My choices were ravioli or gnocchi, I went ravioli and I was not disappointed. This was delicious.

Ricotta gnocchi with bocconcini and baked tomato. After having Chez for dinner and enjoying it so much, we returned for lunch the next day. Still wasn’t feeling like seafood so I went veggie again. For lunch there was only one choice but it changes slightly every couple of days. On this particular day it was ricotta, and it was good. It was creamy but not sickening and the baked tomato just brought it all together. We came back a week later and they were serving sweet potato gnocchi.

Meatball with burgundy sauce & mozzarella sub and Turkey with italian sausage stuffing and cranberry chutney sub: Whilst I was having my delicious gnocchi my workmates had some subs. They liked it but it was a little small and most of the times, the daily specials normally include a meatball pasta. So pasta over the subs any day for them.

Lasagna: On our most recent trip, we saw a couple of people having lasagna, it looked so great that we had to get one for ourselves. We were not disappointed, yet again it was deceptively small looking yet we were absolutely full afterwards.

Linguine marinara: So I finally felt like seafood, got the linguine, wasn’t feeling like risotto, maybe next time. This dish was not deceptively small. It was massive when it came out and it was good. It was flavoursome and they did not go easy on the seafood. Personally, as good as it was I preferred the veggie dishes. Still very eager to try the eggplant parma. Soon soon!

Chicken meatballs filled with cranberry chutney: This was the best meaty dish we had. Everything was just right, moist chicken, super delicious creamy sauce. It was just good all over. We also had the chicken spaghetti meatball another time (picture missing, don’t know where I put it), it had a napoletana sauce. It was good but not as good as this one.

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