Multicultural Festival 2014, Canberra

Multicultural Festival Canberra 2014. Battling 38C heat for three days straight to check out the festival. As the festival was only a 10min walk from home, it became brekkie, lunch and dinner for 3 whole days.

So I have discovered that Saturday is food day. All the stalls around the library, car park and past Myers are unattended/empty on Friday but on Saturday they’re bursting with life – well, food that is. Foods from all corners of the world. Sunday isn’t as great, a lot of the food stalls in the outer areas are replaced with charity, religious and NGO groups.

Food stalls along Garema Place are a pretty safe bet for all three days but on Sunday some were definitely missing.

Things I had from top to bottom, left to right:

Greek loukoumades ($5) – Deep fried doughy bread donut thingy (best way I can explain it) with honey and crushed pistachio. THIS WAS AMAZING! Got this on Friday cos there was no line and loved it. I wanted another serving so bad on Sunday but there was a massssive line. Everyone else figured out how good it was. Its a bit like Indian gulab jamun but bigger, doughier and drier. I prefer these. I want more!! I need to find a place in Canberra that sells this.

Danish donut ($3) – Nice simple donut, has a creamy hint to it. Not overly sweet.

Persian saffron ice cream ($5) – Ice cream with pistachio, rose water and saffron. It was nice, wish I got more! And a tiny bit solider would be great, can’t blame them with 38C heat.

Tongan donuts  ($5 big bag) – Similar to youtiao or dau chao quay also known to me as ‘that deep fried bread you dip into congee’. So its like that bread but not deep fried. Great taste and I’m not going to die from a heart attack. Good stuff.

Lokma ($5) – Turkish version of loukoumades. About half the size, same concept, dipped in honey but this one didn’t have any crushed nuts. I preferred the Greek version, I don’t think they dipped them into the honey so they weren’t as sweet or wet, which I preferred but if you love sweet and moist, these are for you. Oh oh oh!! Look at the guy making them to the left. Oh by the way, the pistachio adds a lot to it.

Polynesian otai ($5) – Watermelon, pineapple and coconut milk drink with crushed ice. This was really nice, will try to recreate this at home, don’t know if I can wait a whole year to have some more.

Green tea ($5) – Green tea with ginger, lemon grass and mint. It was nice and refreshing but a little too dull. Just needs more ginger, lemon grass and mint!!

Vietnamese fruit drink ($5) – Fruit cocktail with herbal jelly drink. This is a Vietnamese classic. Sliced up herbal jelly with whatever random Asian canned fruits you had at home, including jackfruit,  lychee, toddy palm fruit (I only recently learnt its English name, to be honest, I have no idea what its called in Vietnamese either) and other adhoc stuff. Its great for summer, I like using coloured jelly like the blue one!


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