Sandpipers, Nelson Bay

A lovely dinner at Sandpipers. Very nice food and staff. Very sad to miss the dessert taste plate, just way too full. Lots of Asian inspired menu items.

This was the best meal of the trip! We started with a pan fried chicken breast with an avocado puree on a bed of salad with tomatoes, capsicum and olives. The breast was super moist and tender. The salad was light and tangy.

For mains, we had a Chinese style pork belly with roasted sweet potato and a rocket salad. It was nice, what more can I say – I’m running out of adjectives here. The skin was crispy the pork was just right.

Finally, we also shared a tasting plate, comprising of a king prawn stack with avocado, cherry tomatoes, aioli and wonton chips, they didn’t go easy on the prawns or avocado – yum yum; salt and pepper fried squid with a sweet and spicy mango dipping sauce; grilled fish of the day and some natural local oysters. I’m very glad we got this. Gave us a taste of the very fantastic menu.

They also had a dessert tasting plate, I’m so sad we missed it. There was a strawberry springroll and other creative Asian inspired stuff.

Sandpipers Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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