Murray’s Brewery, Nelson Bay

Not a big fan of their beer (not really their fault – I’m hopeless when it comes to beer, I can only really stand Beez Neez) but the food was faaanntastic! The cheese plate included feta and cheddar made with their beer, good stuff.

The chips here were good! I normally don’t like beer battered ships, normally I prefer french fries or shoe strings over thick cut chips but these, these were good, I munched down every single one of them (until I got full – then I got take away and reheated them and had every single one of them)

The southern style deep fried chicken was crunchy and the sauce was yummy. The ribs were decent but not the best part of the meal. I actually didn’t have any burger, it was long gone before I regained some stomach space. My favourite part was the cheese plate. Cheeses made out of beer is surprisingly nice, who would have known (well for a beer hater, at least)

Murray's Brewery on Urbanspoon


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