Bread Nerds, Tuggeranong

Lunch at Bread Nerds. Took a while to find a chance to eat here, seeing as they are only open on weekdays during working hours.

So I had a bit of a donna day and finally had a chance to head down to Tuggeranong. When we first got there, we thought Google had failed us again and directed us to the wrong location. We were in the middle of a warehousey/industrial area but nope, we were in the right place, there was a nice bright yellow sign informing us so.

We got there a little late, probably after all the tradies had, had lunch. Sadly most of the food was gone including the pre-made sandwiches. No biggie, our fault.

We grabbed a pie and a cronut. The pie was decent, nothing special but a decent eat. The cronut was nice but I was too upset at the wait staff to enjoy it. There were two cronuts left, a smaller, sadder, squished looking one and another one that looked like how cronuts should. It was the end of the day, they were packing up to close up and there wasn’t anyone else looking to order behind me (aka any regulars). There were no end of the day specials on the cronuts, I paid full price and the lady gave me the squished cronut. Potentially saving the nicer one for herself, I couldn’t stop speculating. I was annoyed.

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