Mood, Braddon

Hitting up Mood in Braddon for brunch.

Big brekkie, chai tea, peach and cinnamon donut milkshake, french toast, perfect brekkie combo.

The food was alright, another cool, hip brekkie joint in Canberra, can’t complain I guess. The big breakfast was good but a little steep for the price you pay and the amount you get. The vegimite soldiers were pretty cool, the eggs came in a nest style layout with crispy noodles. If you like vegimite this is a great dish, if you’re like me and you normally have vegimite sandwiches in a 9:1 ratio, that is 90% butter and 10% vegitmite, steer clear, this dish is strong. Friend gave us a bite of their sweet dish, I liked it, I should have went sweet, I think this place does sweets better. The cinnamon donut and peach milkshake was okay, a little more cinnamony donut taste would have been nice (to be honest, I couldn’t taste any cinnamon or donut) and it was a pretty subtle peach taste too.

I’m not a big brekkie person so I hope to hit up this place one day for lunch and dessert – looks like a much better menu especially the dessert item.

Mood Food & Co on Urbanspoon


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