Jade Dumpling Noodle House, Gungahlin

Chinese dinner in Gungahlin at Jade Dumpling Noodle House.

It was surprisingly nice yet I never really feel fantastic after Chinese. Its not that its bad food or that it makes me sick or anything – I’m a big believer in dirty Chinese food, clean Chinese food just isn’t Chinese. Theres just no wow, eh maybe thats my fault – too much exposure to Chinese food all the time.

Two exceptions – Yum cha (yum cha will always have a special place in my stomach) and Din Tai Fung.

Regardless, very nice food – great value for money. Thats one big bowl of noodle for $13. The two noodle dishes were really nice, both had strong broths that packed a punch. The spicy noodles were indeed spicy but it was only the red oil, without it, it was just a delicious bowl of soupy noodles. So I spent a lot of time scoping out the oil and having the broth and noodles (don’t ask why I order spicy food when I can’t eat chilli). The jellyfish was soaked in sesame oil and was a refreshing offset to the hot and spicy noodles. The xiao long baos were delicious and soupy, can’t complain they were just as good as any joint in Sydney , so good stuff and I believe they were quite affordable too.

Great little Chinese restaurant, will go back when I’m in Gungahlin.

Jade Dumpling Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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