Bollywood Dimensions, Braddon

So was about to post a review on Kinh Do, a Vietnamese restaurant in Belconnen, then I realised that I’ve been on a bit of an Asian streak, so gonna mix it up with an Indian post (cos that’s totally not Asian right?)

So we hit up Bollywood Dimensions in Braddon, used to be a favourite back when living in the Phoenix but only been back once or twice since moving two blocks over. Before checking it out this time, I decided to have a look on Urbanspoon and couldn’t believe that it only had one review and it was negative!! Its a pretty good Indian joint, no different to Blu Ginger (or as we like to call it, Lulu Ginger). So it is time to tell the world (or Canberra) how awesome this place really is.

We had some entrees, two curries and finished off with some good old Indian desserts. To start we got a plate of mixed pickles and chutney with pappadums. The plate came with mango chutney, cool raita – a yoghurt and cucumber dip (aka Indian tzatziki, to me), a super spicy onion chutney, a minty yoghurt dip and a tamarind chutney. We chomped on our pappadums with these delicious dips. The mango chutney was awesome, it was sweet and mangoy, the onion chutney was sooo spicy so we kept that one rather untouched. I quite liked mixing the dips up and tying out different pairs and combinations.

Shorty afterwards our entrees arrived, some tandoori chicken tikkas ($11.90) and paneer pakoras ($8.90) – light battered and fried cottage cheese. The chicken tikkas were great but from previous trips here, we can safely say that their chicken sixty-five ($9.90) is better, so definitely give that a try! The cottage cheese was nice but bland (I’ve never tried this dish before so maybe they’re meant to be this way, and it is cottage cheese so I wouldn’t be surprised) nevertheless they went great with our left over chutneys and dips!

For our mains we got two curries, a butter chicken ($17.50) – can’t go to Indian and not get one of these and a veggie eggplant masala ($15.90), plus two servings of saffron rice ($3.25 each) and some garlic naans ($3.75 each). Ohh the butter chicken was delicious, creamy, perfectly spiced and seasoned and not overly sweet like many other Indian joints, probably could have this every night for the rest of my life and be a very satisfied little lady. The eggplant masala was nice too, the eggplants were soft and flavourful and coupled with spiced potatoes but it could never beat a butter chicken, no matter how much I like eggplant.

Whilst eating, I was conscious that I had to save space for dessert. I love Indian sweets but I’m always stuffed after the curries and it was no different this time. The curries were just too good, I kept chomping and chomping away. But this time, we did things different and we just order desserts anyways.

Two desserts to finish off the night, a gulab janum with vanilla ice cream ($6.50) and mango kulfi ($6.50). No regrets whatsoever regardless of the states our stomachs afterwards. The gulab janum was sweet and syrupy and the vanilla ice cream – it was different, in a fantastically awesome way, couldn’t put my finger on it but we were both fighting to get as much of it as possible. The mango kufli was way better than we expected – we were a little sad cos it was small – but it was smashing! Mangoie and creamy.

I love this place, I really don’t understand why it isn’t rated on Urbanspoon, the food is just as good as Blu Ginger, if not better and the prices are very comparable, and sometimes cheaper! I would definitely walk 5mins out of the city for Bollywood Dimensions, our waiter was super friendly, its not overly noisy and crowded and the food definitely came out faster. Definitely need to hit up this place more often than we currently do.

Bollywood Dimensions on Urbanspoon


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