Kinh Do, Belconnon

Continuing with the Asian theme, time for some Vietnamese in Florey – hitting up Kinh Do.

So we were looking to go to King Fook after one of our weekly soccer games but somehow ended up here at Kinh Do instead. Still think its my fault for putting in the wrong address because we were tossing up between Kinh Do and King Fook and they kinda sound the same. Glad to say, I did end up going to King Fook and posted about it before I did this one…

Wasn’t feeling particularly hungry myself so I grabbed a prawn on sweet potato entree ($5.50). The other two shared a large special fried rice ($4.40) and brasied beef with ginger and shallots ($9.40) and some egg noodles with veggie ($8.80) – I’m pretty sure I had some influence in getting the veggie version and may have had the majority of it.

The food was great for what it is – Vietnamese home food (like Griffith Vietnamese), so the stuff I got back in the days before Canberra. To be honest, when we first got here, we were expecting a full Vietnamese store with pho, bun bo hue and etc. Plus two of us were craving pho too, so it was a little disappointing to see this menu. Nevertheless, we were hungry so we went in and ordered. By the end of the meal, we were all pretty surprised at how satisfied we were – the  food was nice, filling, delicious and cheap. The prawns on sweet potatoes were really nice, I’ve never really seen this before at any Viet place or at home, didn’t even know it was Viet, so that was really cool and would definitly get again!

Everything else was really nice, all well flavoured and went well with the fried rice. In the end of the day this place serves home food, so its not going to blow you away but if you want fast and cheap for a Tuesday or Wednesday night dinner, this place is excellent. The service was really great – pretty sure its just a family business, but the waiters were young, attentive and nice. The atmosphere was homely and the decor is basic, like any other homely Asian joint.

This is a great place if you want a kick back dinner where you can drop rice down your shirt and no one will care or if you’re missing your mum’s cooking. Great place, would go again in the future.

Kinh do Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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