Malaysian Chapter, Belconnen

Erm I guess I should start by apologising for the bad image quality – I’ve been pretty lazy lately so I haven’t been bringing my DSLR out, instead I’ve been using my phone camera. It’s not great but it was doing an alright job – until now. So recently, Google decided to update their camera app, its great – they added photo sphere, panorama and lens blur. Only down side – the image quality has dropped off.

Onwards to the food! Due to some unforeseeable circumstances our dinner plans were cancelled while we were on our way to Belconnen, after circling around for a while we settled on Malaysian Chapter.

Goodness me, the service here is great, I think its the best I’ve experienced for a casual eats place. The guy just presented himself so well, really sold how amazing the specials were but wasn’t pushy about it and was really nice and attentive. Truly blown away – I was hooked on this place before I even tried the food (lucky, it was fantastic!).

So we ordered a couple of entrees, two mains, a dessert and drinks. We were so full by the end of it that we had to take-away the dessert (hence the take-away image).

To start, we got the Chicken sixty five ($10), this was a blackboard special. We were pretty excited when our waiter started talking about the specials and we saw this dish. Love it, we get it every time we see it, which is mostly indian places. The chicken here was tender but with a great crust that added some real bite to it, the spices were a perfect blend and gave the whole dish a great kick that really brought it all together.

I wanted something soupy to warm me up from the unnaturally cold Canberra (Sydney is currently averaging 26C!!), so I got the Prawn wonton soup ($8.50). The soup was really nice and warming, it had some choy sum leaves floating around. Reminded me of my mum’s home cooking, especially when she was feeling lazy and just gave us stir fry beef and choy sum soup.

Ehh being the fatty I am, I wanted more entrees! So I ordered the Roti canai with lentil curry ($3.50). It was really nice, definitely would order again. The lentil curry is probably my favourite from all the different curries that they usually give you on a roti curry plate.

For our mains we got a Nasi lemak with lamb rendang ($22.50) and a Beef peratal ($17) with a side of thin egg noodles ($2.50). The nasi lemak was nice, quite spicy but definitely worth the spiciness, so we just sipped away on our tea and water whilst chomping away. The Beef peratal was strange, we’ve never ordered this dish from a Malaysian place before (or noticed it on any other menu), so we figured we’d give it a shot. It was nice but strange! Not sure if I would get it again, it kinda reminded me of this Vietnamese dish that my parents use to make called Lagu (or something like that). Some people love it, others like myself not so much. I guess the dish was nice – just not my style. And it was super spicy too!!

So when we were ordering our mains, I decided to order my dessert then instead of at the end when I could determine whether or not I could fit in more food. I decided to get the Black sticky rice pudding ($6.50). Ended up doggy bagging it cos I couldn’t fit anything else in. Cos of the rush of Easter and the long weekend period, I ended up having it about 2 days later. It was still delicious. I really liked the roasted/sugared coconut that they topped the dessert with. The black rice still had its crunchiness and all. Great dish.

For our drinks, we got a warm teh tarik ($4), a milo ais ($4.50) and a teh ais ($4.50). All yum yum. Though, I do remember them being a little overly sweet (and I’m a sweet tooth). Also with the ais (cold) drinks, instead of making them cold, they made the warm versions and then added ice to cool them down. Sadly, this meant no crunchy milo layer for me.

Overall, such a great experience. The food was really nice – a little different to Pappa Rich – more Indian choices but they still had all the standard Chinese Malaysian dishes. And the service was simply amazing. Our waiter was just so nice and attentive and accommodating (It was just perfect from a customer service perspective and it just shocked me – cos so many places do it so wrong).

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