Lunar New Year 2014, Sydney

Just a bit of spring cleaning. Whilst having my feastie day with my sister for her 18th birthday, we stumbled across the Lunar New Year Festival 2014 in Belmore Park Sydney. Ahh more fantastic food.

First thing we got was the Duck slider, it was somewhat nice – the duck was definitely good but sadly they were a little heavy handed with the horseradish. It was so overpowering that it completely killed the bun, even after trying to save the dish by scraping the horseradish off.

We quickly got some peking duck pancakes to try and remove the strong horseradish taste. Thankfully these were really nice. Delicious duck with soft pancakes, sweet hoisin sauce and a slice of cucumber and some spring onions. A little pricey but I guess it makes sense, we were at a festival.

Afterwards, we decided to get some meat skewers, we ended up getting a lamb skewer from a store that was making them on the spot – bit of a long wait but absolutely delicious and worth the 10-15minute wait for one skewer! The chicken skewer wasn’t so great. It was pre-made and a little dry, okay really dry.

I saw a store selling Vietnamese nettty spring rolls and of course I had to get one! I have no idea what they are officially called but this is how I describe them to my Mum when I want her to make us some! Works fine every time. Anyways these netty spring rolls are fantastic, if you ever have a chance to try one, you totally should!


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