Swissotel, Sydney

Last restaurant from my Easter spring clean but not my final post (dessert coming up next!)

Hitting up buffet high tea at Swissotel, just posting the savoury goods first. Good old party pies, pastries, tarts and FINGER SANDWICHES! Ahh I love finger sandwiches soo much, I wish my work place would carter them more often – but noooo, we are all about sausage rolls.

There was everything from salmon and cream cheese bagels to butter and salami sandwiches, chicken and cucumber sandwiches, creamy egg, salmon, cream cheese, caper on sourdough, sliders! There were SLIDERS!

I do recall the sandwiches were much better than the hot foods that they offered. I remember the mushroom arancini balls were extremely flavourless – couldn’t taste any mushrooms at all, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it was also bland – a little bit of salt would have helped. They had vegetarian quiches and savoury ham ones. The vegetarian ones weren’t labelled but they tasted like capsicum (not a massive fan of capsicum so I didn’t love these) but they were also quite dense. I think the ham ones weren’t much better either. They also had party pies (forgot to take a picture, sorry). These were nice, can’t go wrong here – nice, warm and plenty of meat.

So the hot food was a little disappointing, luckily the sandwiches were fabulous. The varity was fantastic, they had probably 7- 10 different sandwiches. I remember enjoying the salmon and cream cheese bagels, these were really fresh and they cut them in half – that was nice cos bagels can be a little sickening after a while. There was also a butter and salami sandwich, this was really nice too! Nothing like a little bit of salami, yum yum. The chicken and cucumber sandwiches were refreshing and light, the chicken was still moist even though the sandwiches were just sitting out on the plate. The creamy egg, salmon, cream cheese, caper on sourdough was nice but the sourdough was a little tough and really dense – didn’t get seconds for this one. My favourite sandwich was the creamy mayo chicken with lettuce. The mayo really made a difference, kept the chicken and bread from drying out and added creaminess to the whole sandwich. I probably sacrificed a couple of sweet pastries to get seconds and thirds of this sandwich. I think there were a couple other sandwiches too but I can’t remember.

They also had similar fillings but in different types of bread, e.g. they had the salmon and cream cheese in sandwich bread and in bagels. I found the change in bread type made a big difference to how the sandwiches tasted, I definitely preferred sandwich bread over bagels, sourdough or buns – I found these other bread types made the sandwiches really dense and too filling.

Also added a couple of images of our plates and our tea. I remember we got a peppermint tea, a coffee drink of some kind (that was me,I didn’t love it, but I’m not really a coffee person and somehow thought this was going to be a good idea) and I think the last one is an english breakfast. I ended up having a lot of the peppermint tea. It was really nice and soothing – really helped with all the sugary pastries and cakes.

Wanted to add a side note, we notice some people getting some special side orders, we couldn’t figure out if this was part of the buffet or if you had to pay extra (and we didn’t want to ask). Found out afterwards that you can order two extra dishes per person as a part of your buffet. That lady with the spaghetti bolognese suddenly makes so much sense!

Check out the sweet dishes!

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