Din Tai Fung, Sydney

Little bit of spring cleaning over Easter, doing a couple of Sydney post from a feastie day with my sister for her 18th birthday. After having a massive brunch, lunch and afternoon snack  we settled for a ‘small’ dinner at Din Tai Fung.

Naturally, we had to order some Xiao long baos ($12.80), we went with 8 for some odd reason, considering how full we were! I really like the xiao long baos here but I may be a little biased. The first time I ever had a xiao long bao was here back in my uni days, many years ago. The baos are delicious and soupy.

When we were there, they also were offering a limited edition Truffle dumpling ($5 per piece). We had to try it, big fans of all things truffle. These were fantastic. Just imagine Din Tai Fung’s standard xiao long baos with a generous dose of truffle. Each dumpling had two large slices of truffle and I’m pretty sure there was truffle oil in the mince too. If you’re a truffle or smokey fan, this is definitely worth it – its always a little disappointing when you get something with truffle in it (and pay those prices) and you can’t taste it at all! But this will not disappoint!

We figured 11 dumplings wasn’t going to be enough for us, so we got some Shrimp and pork jiao ze ($11.80). These were really nice, something different from the xiao long baos. They were juicy, soft and flavoursome. Always good to try something new here, since I have a bit of a habit of sticking to old favourites. Next time I’m getting the Shrimp and pork shao mai, wanna see if its any different to the ones you get at yum cha.

Ahh another favourite of mine at Din Tai Fung is the Shrimp and pork wonton noodle dipped in a spicy sauce ($13.80). I get it every time I can, especially at their two takeaway stores at The Star and Westfield. I can’t really handle spicy – I’m worse than most people but this dish is so fantastic, its totally worth all the pain! I just sip away on my Lychee mint freeze ($8.80) and chomp away on this really strong and flavoursome dish. I love the lychee drink, ever since trying it at Din Tai Fung back in uni, I recreate it for myself at home all the time. Only complaint is that its a little on the sweet side so I just dilute it with a bit of water.

To finish off, another go to favourite, the fantastic Golden taro bread ($6.80). A little bit of deep fried bread with mashed taro. Its so delicious, a little oily but totally worth it. Not overly sweet and just enough mashed taro so that you can still get the crunch from the deep fried bread. Yum yum.

Every time I get food here, whether its a sit down meal at their restaurants or lunch or a quick snack at their take away stores – every time, its a fantastic experience, always consistently delicious.

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