The Eight, Sydney

Spring cleaning! Yay more posts!

We were hoping to grab sushi from the sushi train next door – $3 for all plates (or $2.50 if you have a student ID or parking ticket) ALL PLATES! sashimi, takoyaki, seared tuna, dry fried cheese. You name it, they have it – fantastic menu/range. We got there at 10am hoping to hit it up for breakfast before our big day of food including high tea at the Swissotel, a food festival and Din Tai Fung for dinner for my sisters 18th. But they were closed! So disappointed. (Spoke to the staff who were preparing the food/restaurant and they said they wouldn’t be opening until 11.30am, damn website, you wronged me!)

Luckily, The Eight was open next door and they were serving yum cha! We naturally settled on that, who can say no to yum cha?

We grabbed a couple of old favourites. Including a serving of chicken feet to start, can’t go to yum cha and skip that! It was really nice and saucy, the meat was soft and delicious but the feet were a little on the small side and it definitely had a bit of a kick to it, which I guess isn’t a bad thing for most people (just me).

Next, we grabbed a serving of har gow (prawn dumplings). I love har gow! I always have a bag of frozen ones in the fridge. These ones I didn’t like as much, I remember thinking that my frozen ones were better while chomping them down – but the others thought the har gows were okay so maybe i was crazy or something. I found that the skin was a little on the thick side and that made the har gows quite chewy. Cos the skin was thicker – I found the prawn mince inside was also smaller than most.

When we got our pork siu mai, the lady also offered us beef siu mai. Apparently The Eight’s yum cha is famous for fantastic siu mai range or maybe just a great range in general? I saw a poster while I was eating but I don’t really recall it. The pork siu mai were fine, nice and porky (I guess) but the beef siu mai was amazing! Or maybe it was just the trivialness of having beef in form siu mai. Okay, I’m sure other yum cha places probably offer beef siu mai too but as you can see from what I ordered – I stick to favourites. (Bad food lover, I know)

Outside of har gow, I love har cheong (prawn rice noodle rolls). Sadly, every time I order it, it becomes a special order and I have to pay an arm and a leg for it – cos I asked for it instead of waiting for them to cart it around. I can’t help it, its always all gone by the time the cart comes to my table! The haw cheong here was pretty average, it was a little tough in my opinion and again it was thicker than I expected hence the soy sauce couldn’t quite seep through. I also found it a lot smaller than other yum cha joints but they didn’t skimp out on prawn (so thats good). Didn’t see the point of having the snow peas, I like snow peas but these didn’t add anything to the dish, just kinda bland and crunchy.

Finally we finished with the mango pudding. Couple of people loved it but I thought it was pretty average, more condensed milk would have been nice. I found it rather bland, could do with more sugar!! Also I prefer my puddings a little soft (but I could be whole, this was probably made using agar agar hence the much harder/snappier jelly – makes sense, its an Asian dish and they use agar agar to jellify stuff not gelatine which leads to the more wobbly jelly)

Overall I thought this place was pretty average. Did like that they still had people pushing around the carts instead of the boring old ordering sheets. I don’t care that most places in Hong Kong are like that (i.e. ordering sheets) its just a way to make more money by seating more people!

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