Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant, Belconnen

Quick dinner at Sanur’s late one Sunday night after getting back from a busy weekend in Sydney.


1. Nasi goreng sayuran

2. Roti pratha

3. Sup ayam

4. Beef rendang with a side of Nasi putih

To start, as per usual thanks to the extra chilly Autumn and Winter I got a nice little soupy dish – Sup ayam $7.90, a Japanese style spiced clear chicken soup served with prawn dumpling and mixed vegetables. Was a little strange when it came out and it had full prawns instead of dumplings, we simply assumed that they ran out of dumplings since it was quite late. The soup itself was really nice, not overly spiced and chilly or overly salty and no chicken stock favouring here. Instead, it had a very mild chicken flavour which was quite nice and worked well with the prawns.

After my the warming soup I was ready for some delicious food. Ended up going with a vegetarian rice dish – wasn’t feeling like more seafood after the prawns. The Nasi goreng sayuran ($15.90), special Indonesian fried rice with grilled soybean cake, chili battered tofu satays and garlic crackers and a fried egg was really delicious. Egg yolk and fried rice – can’t go wrong. I really liked the rice garlic cracker, they were crispy and not drenched in oil. I ended up cracking them up and mixing them into my fried rice, gave it a nice crunch.

The grilled soybean cakes were really nice, similar to what I had last time at Sanur’s – Sate tempe ($14.90), grilled marinated soy bean cake (see below post). The sate tempe was pretty but this version is so much better, the peanutty sauce really helped with the dryness of the soybean cakes and gave it a lot more flavour, the crispy fried shallots gave some crunch as well. Also the addition of some salad here and there really made me feel like a good healthy person.

For our other main, we decided to go with a curry and went with the Beef rendang ($18.90), slow cooked beef in rich coconut sauce with Indonesian herbs and spices with a side of Nasi putih ($2.50), steamed jasmine rice. The beef rendang was really nice and creamy, and we really liked the fried shallots on everything, it just gives everything that extra bit of crunch and flavour.

Also grabbed a Roti pratha ($5, 2 pieces) to dip with our beef rendang. The roti was really nice and fluffy. Can’t ever say no to some good old roti and curry.

I always enjoy eating at Sanur’s, such nice food and they are open pretty late too. Thought I do remember this one time after soccer we were hoping to get some Sanur’s, got there at 9PM (the door and website said they closed at 10PM) and they were closed, we were so sad, we would have loved some delicious Balinese soup or curry in my tummy. I guess it was a rainy day. Nevertheless, great eat out joint.

Check out some other dishes we’ve had at Sanur’s from our previous post here

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