My’s Vietnamese Restaurant, Weston Creek

I’ve always loved food pictures and I originally started this blog with the intention of sharing my food adventures through mainly images. However, over time I began typing more and more and now I’m at the point where I’m an doing full fledged post but still using Tumblr’s photo set option, that is a group of images at the top and my text below. I realise that this isn’t the best way to present and talk about the food that I’m trying out and it is also really difficult to tell what the different dishes are. Hence, I am transitioning! I’m going to start using Tumblr’s text option. Hopefully this goes well!

Onwards to the food! I’ve been to My’s a couple of times since coming to Canberra, this is my go to place for pho, it is simply the most flavoursome broth I’ve ever had (outside of my mum’s of course).and I absolutely love it. I actually discovered My’s during a bit of a Canberra pho safari. I was missing my mum’s pho and decided to go out and get some in Canberra, it was 9PM on a weekday and Can Tho offered to give me take away, it wasn’t great but I can’t blame them, it was late and it was take away. After this disappointing experience, I started searching for one that would satisfy my craving, during this little experiment I had pho from: iPho, Jimmy’s Saigon, Can Tho, Tu Do, Simply Pho, Roll’d, Au Lac and My’s. Most were pretty decent, some were pretty average but My’s was simply amazing.

This post is a little overdue. As I mentioned before, I’ve been here a couple of times before. However, I’ve never done a blog post on My’s and this place definitely deserves a post.


So we decided to start with a couple of entrees, first up we got the deep fried wontons (5 for $6). These were nice, the meat was perfectly seasoned, not overly salty and not bland. Best of all it wasn’t overly oily. I’ve never really had fried wontons at a restaurant, I’ve only really had them at home but we had a friend who liked them, so we ordered some. After trying these, I definitely think I’ll start ordering them more often when I’m at Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants.


Our second entree for the night was the garlic chicken wings (4 for $6), this was really nice and crunchy. However, the garlic flavour wasn’t particularly strong and could probably do with a bit more but the chilli soy sauce that it came with was really nice. The sauce was flavoursome and had like a honeyish sweetness to it. Without this sauce, the chicken wings would have been a little bit bland, like standard fried chicken wings, so I was really thankful for that sauce!


On to the pho/rare beef noodle soup ($14.90), the best part of the night.

I’ve had pho in both Sydney and Canberra, and what makes My’s stand out from other pho in any of those places is its amazing broth. The broth at My’s has a strong savoury flavour to it that you can smell as soon as it hits the table. The broth is super dark, deep and full of meaty flavour as the meats have melted away into the broth. if you’ve ever had the chance to have or make pho at home, My’s broth is like what you get if you’ve had home made pho on its third or fourth day, the flavours just magnify from all the meats imparting their flavour. Some people prefer a sweeter broth, and for those people there’s an easy fix, just add a little bit (or a lot of) hoisin sauce.  Outside of the fantastic flavour, the serving size is generous, with plenty of rice noodles, meat and a lot of broth to go around. The herbs are also really fresh and there is plenty of it to help balance things out.

Every time I come to My’s the food is fantastic, there have been times when the broth was milder but even then it is so much better than most other joints. I have had a couple of other entrees here including the prawn and zucchini fritters (2 for $8.00), which were fantastic (sorry I don’t have a photo). My’s does serve a lot of other foods including Vietnamese home style food (like Griffith Vietnamese) and restaurant style food. I’ve never had anything outside of the pho but judging by the number of people they get every night, I would definitely feel safe ordering their other dishes. If you’re looking for a delicious savoury pho in Canberra, definitely check out My’s.

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