Morks Restaurant, Kingston

I haven’t been to Morks since they moved away from their cosy restaurant in Florey. We had dinner there a couple of times and I absolutely loved it. Since I heard they moved down to the Kingston foreshore I had every intent to try it and was very glad to finally have a chance to head down to their much spacier new location and try their lunch menu!

As per usual it was a very nice fancy meal, Thai styles with Western influences here and there. Might add a couple of images at the bottom from our dinners back in their Florey store, seeing as the menu has changed very much and I thought people would be interested in seeing as much food as possible.


First up for food we grabbed the Pan seared scallop salad ($16) vermicelli noodes, chilli relish. This dish was great! The scallops were maaasssive (see below). I don’t think I’ve seen scallops this large before, it was amazing! The dish came with soft and silky vermicelli noodles that were absolutely delicious and there was plenty to go around so you could get a whole bunch with every bite of scallop you had. The nice and slightly crispy pan seared scallops came in a slightly sour and spicy mild fish sauce relish that worked really well, I found that the sourness balanced the whole dish very well. (Not normally a big fan of sour at all)


Look at how huge these scallops were! I couldn’t believe it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big! It was about two times as thick and maybe one and a half time as wide as your usual scallops. Absolutely awesome, delicious, bitey and juicy. They were cooked to perfection, with a springy texture that I love in my scallops.


Next up we grabbed a Crispy chicken ($16) wok tossed with homemade plum sauce, jasmine rice. This dish was really good, especially the plum sauce. It was sweet with a slight plum taste to it, it was so good that I was drenching my scallops with the sauce too! The chicken was really good, though it was a little different to what we were expecting. It was essentially chicken pieces tossed and lightly crumbed with flour and then deep fried while we were expecting non deep fried chicken I guess. This gave the chicken a lot of crunchiness and in hindsight, it really helped the sauce really stick to the chicken, probably for the best it’s cooked this way.

So a minor downside to this dish was the very small rice portion. Kinda hurts to think that one extra serving of rice is $4, and I assume you get the same amount. Looks like they used one of those small Chinese tea drink cups to mould this. I understand as an aesthetic you want a really nice looking dish, and I agree that rice like this hurt that but…It kinda of hurt the dish since there was quite a bit of meat and it was a pretty saucy dish as well, which would’ve gone brilliantly with more rice. Lucky we grabbed some chips as a side otherwise we would have definitely been lacking some starch.


And as a side to our lunch we got some Shoe string fries with chilli dipping sauce ($8). Very glad we got this, helped out with the lack of rice in our crispy chicken and plum sauce dish. The fries were nice and crispy, the spicy sauce was an interesting spin to your usual fries and ketchup sauce. The spicy sauce was tangy and had a slight bit of sourness to it, really add some great flavour to the fries. On the down side, it was a pretty small serving of chips, would have loved just a little bit more!


Was flipping through the drink menu with no intention of getting anything, seeing as it was just after 12am on a Sunday, just couldn’t really justify a drink and normally not a massive fan off fizzy drinks (its the fizzy not the sugar!) But this jumped at me, a Lychee lime bitters ($5). I don’t really care for lemon, lime and bitters, don’t hate but don’t love it either. But the idea of having lychee in it sounded fantastic so I grabbed one. It was pretty nice, thought I would have preferred a stronger lychee taste. This tasted more like a lemon and lime bitters with a lychee in it (which I then decided to mush to pieces to bring out the flavours more). I reckon it would have been nice if they added some lychee syrup, that would have really brought out the lychee taste!

Nevertheless, another really delicious meal at Morks, can’t wait to come back and try more awesome dishes like the massaman curry burger! Definitely need to go back for dinner and grab their angel prawns or delicious desserts.

Can’t wait to check out Mork’s dinner menu, I hear they do pork belly baos! How exciting and delicious.

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