Sabor in the Hunter, Hunter Valley

As we were winging it in the Hunter Valley, I was kinda freaking out, so every night I would flip through the Dining Out guide, furiously figuring out what looked good and what we should definitely hit up. Anyways, these guides were pretty awesome, especially for smaller areas like the Hunter Valley where almost all places could be and were covered.

While looking through the guide I found this really fantastic looking dessert bar, apparently it only opened up a month or so before we visited the Hunter Valley so we were really excited to try it out. Our Dining Out guide actually had it as ‘opening March 2014’. I was so glad to find a place like this in the Hunter Valley, I feel it just really completes a trip when I can get awesome cakes, pretty pastries and delicious petite fours!


Sabor in the Hunter doesn’t have the best opening hours, sadly, they are only open on Friday and Saturdays from 10am to 10pm, on Sundays from 10am to 5pm and on public holiday Mondays from 10am to 4pm. I found this a little annoying to manage especially since they were a little out of the way off in Lovedale. I am however glad that they are open after 5pm, most places like 95% of the cellar doors close at 5pm, with about two open until 6pm and another two open until 7pm).


Regardless of how difficult it was to schedule in a trip to Sabor, I managed to squeeze it in after dinner on Saturday. Getting here was definitely interesting. The Hunter Valley doesn’t really have any street lights outside of Cessnock, the town centre, about 10 to 15kms away from the majority of the wineries, so driving anywhere at night is a massive pain, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the roads AND! the roads are horrible, potholes everywhere!

Sabor in the Hunter, like most other places in the Hunter Valley was off in the middle of nowhere, originally we thought Google Map had screwed us over and was taking us in the wrong direction. Regardless, we carried on and after crossing an old wooden bridge we saw some lights and alas, we had found our location.


I wasn’t expecting much from a patisserie out where we were, I mean, sure it would be nice but I couldn’t imagine anything like this. As you can see some the images, the cakes here were amazing, pretty and they all looked absolutely delicious. I wanted to buy absolutely everything! I did hesitate a little, seeing as each cake was about $14 take away but I figured it was understandable since they’re probably the only ones in the region and everything did look pretty amazing.


Outside of the cakes in the display, (which you can also have dine in of course) Sabor had a menu of waffles, home made ice creams, mousses and other sit down goodies you can have. I think they also serve light meals including lunch and dinners like a ham and cheese croissant, cheese plates, quiches and scones. They also had wine matching for everything, from their savoury dishes to the sweet cakes and treats.

For myself, I decided to get two things take away, a cone cheesecake and a tasting plate. I’m a little sorry for the way the desserts look, the cottage didn’t have great lighting and everything got placed in boxes and had to travel through the super bumpy Hunter Valley roads.


First off I got the Passionfruit cheese cake cone ($14), a cone shaped cold set cheesecake flavoured with real passionfruit marbled through on a vanilla sponge. This was really nice! Delicious, creamy with hints of passionfruit and the best part, it wasn’t overly sour like passionfruits treats can sometimes be. Originally, I did think that $14 was a little steep for this cake but after trying it, it was absolutely worth it. So good! And it was actually quite large, took me about two sittings to get through it.


For my second dessert, I got a Sabor’s Tasting Plate ($25), this includes from left to right: a salted caramel mousse with sticky date pudding, flourless chocolate cake with a mini macaron, coffee and walnut slice, dark and white Portuguese chocolate mousse and a jaffa chocolate mousse with chocolate ganache & orange cube.

Sabor has two tasting plates, this one and a Medley Tasting Plate ($25) which includes a opera slice, tiramisu pyramid , strawberry mousse and a mixed berry compote topped with strawberry and a mini lemon curd meringue in a sweet pastry and a caramelised nut triangle. Normally, I prefer non chocolate goodies but this time I went chocolate, simply because the chocolate tasting plate looked better. I like chocolate but its not my favourite or anything, and even with that preference, I found this plate really nice. The mousse cup was the best, there was a white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse with a thin layer of chocolate ganache on top, the strawberry also really helped balance all the sweetness out. I also really liked the orange chocolate mousse, It wasn’t overly sweet with a rather strong orange flavour (which I loved as I’m a big jaffa fan). The walnut and coffee slice was also really nice and creamy, rich but not too sweet, with lots of different elements and flavours. I didn’t love the flourless chocolate cake however, found it a little on the dense side but it was still nice in its own right and I suppose it’s all you can expect from flourless.

Very glad I managed to squeeze in a trip to Sabor in the Hunter, such pretty and delicious treats and cakes that was well worth it in the end.

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