Penny University, Kingston

Finally got around to visiting Penny’s University. We got there at around 2.30PM on Saturday and were a little worried that they had closed the kitchen for the day but they actually take orders right until 3PM! It was also nice that they didn’t try to push us out as soon as possible or had their staff frantically cleaning up and hoping to leave at 3PM on the dot which really makes it really awkward to sit around and chat.

The only downside of having such a late lunch was that places normally start running out of their delicious pastries. I was really looking forwards to trying the maple cronut but there weren’t any left and their pastry and desserts cabinet was looking pretty bare by the time I got to it as well. Next time, I definitely getting up early enough for brunch!


First up, the Baked miso cured snapper ($18), snapper with avocado salsa, charred corn, a sunny side up egg and toasted multigrain and togarashi. This was really different to what I was expecting but still fantastically delicious. I think I read the menu wrong, I was expecting some cured or smoked fish with a light and fresh salad. This was quite the opposite, it tasted like pan fried fish, not the cured fish I was hoping for but it was fantastic nonetheless. This dish was a bit of a departure from what I normally get at brunch places, namely poached eggs with smoked salmon, trout or just a simple eggs benedict and I don’t mind this change at all. This dish was rich, heavy and full of flavour, it was a pretty full on dish for breakfast but still absolutely tasty, luckily for me, it was also post lunch so the heaviness worked in hindsight.


For our second plate, we got a Steak sanga ($20) beef sirloin, eggs, lettuce, tomato, beetroot relish, caramelised onion and aioli with a side of crispy fries. We were originally a little worried about how big a steak sandwich could possibly be, and we were absolutely famished. This concern led to our backup plan of going to Elk & Pea for a taco or two afterwards. That chain of thought quickly disappeared when this plate landed on our table and we were both very pleasantly surprised!

Not only was it huge, as I bit into it, I realised that this wasn’t a normal steak sandwich. Most places use minute steaks in their sandwiches. So just imagine me sitting there gnawing on a piece of meat that I mistakenly pulled out of the bread with my teeth. No, at Penny’s they use sirloin steak and it was absolutely amazing. The oozing egg yolk was a great addition, it added moisture and creaminess to the whole sandwich. As for the sirloin, it was left in its unseasoned meaty tasting glory, it was cooked medium rare and just came away as you bit into it, which honestly might change the way I look at steak sandwiches in the future.

Oh and on top of all this awesomeness, there was a very generous serving of fries, we were originally contemplating getting a side of fries with green tea aoili ($9) which is a really interesting and cool sounding flavour combination but no need here, the sandwich and chips were more than enough food!


Of course some drinks to top it all off, first up a Chai latte ($5 mug). I’m not a coffee person, a chai latte is the closest I’ll get to coffee but I do have a couple of friends who are coffee snobs and they quite enjoy the coffee here, enough for them to put up with (or love) how hipster it is.

As for the chai, I really liked it. It wasn’t overly strong but probably the sweetest I’ve ever had, I didn’t even need to add sugar! I can imagine this could be a bit of an issue for other people who aren’t so big on sugary things. However, I did notice that it was the top layer that was really sweet so you can test it out first and take it off if needed. And for us sweet tooths, big thumbs up.


Secondly, a Salted caramel and macadamia thickshake ($8). Originally I was tossing up between a thickshake or one of their freshly squeezed juices. Naturally, I went with the deliciously unhealthy choice. This was really nice, not overly salty but plenty of strong caramel flavours and crushed macadamia nuts. The flavours really came through towards the bottom of the drink. Again another really sweet drink, right for my palette but could be an issue for others. I did go with the thickshake so this may have been why it was sweeter and I wonder if the milkskake option for $7 would have been as sweet.


Really looking forwards to visiting Penny’s again to try out some of their other awesome looking menu items like the avocado bread, salmon salad and the sweets that I missed this time as well as maybe checking out dinner. Regardless, I’m eyeing you cronut next time, definitely.

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