The Tea Cosy, The Rocks

Before checking out Vivid for the night we spent the afternoon at The Rock’s Markets, checking out all the awesome little stalls, especially the jam lady who sells a fantastic creamed honey. After quite a bit of walking, we were feeling a little bit peckish and decided to drop by The Tea Cosy because it was near by and we had heard good things about it. In hindsight, that was probably a bad idea for us since it was quite close to our dinner at Sake, and left us a bit too full to experience Sake fully, all those sushis I didn’t get to try! Actually no, no regrets, these scones were awesome.

After going through the menu, we settled on the Devonshire tea (scones basket) which included two freshly baked scones served with double thickened cream, jam and a pot of tea or a glass of ice tea ($12.50 per person)


For our tea, we got the Creme Brulee black loose leaf tea. This was lovely and warming. I’m normally pretty hesitant with these types of flavoured teas because I find that they can be rather bland and just taste like regular black tea but this was actually really nice. The creme brulee flavour really came out nice and strong in a way I wasn’t expecting, it was really creamy and didn’t have any burnt taste to it, which is a good thing, I guess. And look at how cute those cosy’s are! Apparently they are all hand made and you can buy them too, with or with out the tea pot. I don’t think its awfully overpriced or anything either, I think it was about $20 to $30 each. Not bad for a tea pot and hand made tea cosy.


Since we were trying not to eat too much, we only grabbed a scone basket for one, but we still wanted a drink each so we got an iced tea as well. Mixed berries and mint tea with frozen berries ($4.50). If you don’t like the super sweet Lipton Ice Tea’s or other bottled candy water ice teas, then this is for you. The tea was strong and the berry flavour was mild, I had to muddle the berries to really bring out their flavour but it took a while since they were frozen. Personally, I’m a big fan of sweeter teas (I really enjoy the Lipton stuff), so I added a couple of sugars to my iced tea. Nevertheless, this drink would be super refreshing in the middle of a lovely Sydney summer but for this colder night, I deferred to the lovely creme brulee tea.


Finally the scones. We decided to go with the Cheese scones with a pear and vanilla jam ($12.50) as a part of the Devonshire tea (scones basket). There were a couple of choices for the scones which were just on a chalkboard, so I assume they change everyday or even through the day since they bake a couple of batches. There’s this sign outside the store that tells you when the scones came out of the oven so if you plan it well enough you’d be able to ensure you had the freshest scones possible.

When we were there, they were offering plain ones, a couple of sweet ones including cherry almond and cranberries, so as you can see, they have some pretty awesome combinations going on. We decided to go with the savoury cheese scone because we were curious about how the concept would work. The scones were really nice, not overly savoury but there was a mild cheese taste to it which we enjoyed.

The pear and vanilla jam was fantastic, apparently this is their most famous and popular jam which we were lucky enough to order without knowing beforehand. You could see the vanilla bean seeds through the jam, it was sweet and rich and had a nice strong pear flavour. Loved it.

Regardless of how full this made us feel and how much it affected our dinner at Sake, this experience was wonderful. The scones here were really nice and I would love to go back and try out their high tea. And here is a VividSydney 2014 rabbit.


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