Handmade Market Canberra

Over the long weekend we went out and visited the Canberra Handmade Markets. I’ve been in Canberra for a while now but I never knew about this market! I only found about it while browsing the various Canberra events and tourism websites while I was bored. I normally don’t stay in Canberra over long weekends so I was pretty concerned about finding something to do and luckily I stumbled across this awesome event.

The market was massive with plenty of different stalls selling all sorts of things from clothes to crafts, jewellery, food and other bits and bobs in between. There was really something for everyone. I also noticed that the clothes store also had very decent sizing, they went from small to pretty large sizes. You would think that only the big commercial companies cater for larger people but nope its actually the little guys who make something for everyone while the big companies just cater for ‘normal’ people. So very happy to see that at the markets.


After browsing the different stalls for a while, we finally stumbled across the food section, now this really caught my attention! First up, I grabbed some cookies from Baked by Mum. These were really lovely. They had a strong oat taste but were still nice and crumbled. I really like oats but I normally find ANZAC cookies a little too hard and crunchy so these were a lovely find! We ended up grabbing four cookies to take home and this was $6, alternatively you can get one only for $2. The cookies came in a couple of flavours, I think there were four normal ones and four gluten free ones. We ended up getting the four non gluten free options which included white chocolate and raspberry, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and triple chocolate. I think they were also selling cookie dough and gift packs.


Next up, we got some ice cream from Frugii! After much contemplation I went with the salted butter caramel. This was amazing! Its not like your standard salty and sweet salted caramel goodies, this was actually really nice and buttery. Deliciously creamy with some mild saltiness to it. I’m pretty sure it was also Frugii himself serving us, really nice fellow. Friendly and honest. Also! It was only $4.50 for one pretty big scoop. Not bad especially for Canberra. Oh, the ice cream is much larger than in the image, this was the half eaten version, I couldn’t help it!


Next up, smoked sea salt from the The Original Smoke and Spice Company. This was really weird, we have never seen anything like this before but it smelt absolutely amazing, very smoky and quite garlicy as well. They also had whole smoked garlic cloves which looked really cool. Apparently they smoke these items from the outside, so its kind of opposite to a traditional smoker, I guess. This bag was $10, the garlics were $5 for two or $10 for five, they also had a starters bag with garlic and salt and shaker for $20. We will have to report back when we actually use the salt, haven’t seen the chance yet, I guess its a good excuse to make a roast or some steaks.


A lovely orange and pineapple juice for $5 from the Southern Cross Juice Bar to help with all the rich food that we were eating! Really nice and refreshing, it also had pulp in it! I love pulp but I know some people don’t so you might want to double check before getting one. They also had some awesome sounding hot juices and other cold ones like strawberry and orange, and lemon and orange.


Our final goody for the day was a delicious savoury baked French cake for $5 from Gallery Gourmet. This was kind of why we got the orange juice but boy was it delicious. Just imagine a bready and doughy quiche. This cake was savoury, super eggy, fluffy with chunks of bacon throughout it. I don’t know what its called or where else I can find it again (maybe a French bakery) but I’m definitely going back to the handmade markets next time to get my hands on some more of this! The stall was also selling hams and other Christmasy foods, I think thats what they specialise in actually. I tried some of their Christmas pudding too, really good.

The handmade markets were really fun, I never knew such a thing existed in Canberra but I’m definitely going to check it out next time it comes around. Check out all the stores at the market and when they’ll be coming around next.


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