Temporada, Canberra

Finally managed to check out Temporada. Totally should have battled with the crowds and ate here earlier because it was fantastic.

So on this particular night we decided to eat outside even thought they had a spare table at the bar. It wasn’t a particularly cold night for Canberra so we figured why not, its always a little more peaceful outside and we got to soak in a little bit of the air. The waiter was pretty shocked, he told us that a day earlier they had been reviewed and the only critique was that it was too cold to eat in their outdoor sitting area.

Anyways, onwards to the food!


First up we got a plate of Raw hiramasa kingfish, yuzu, seaweed, horseradish ($21). This was yummy and it was massive, its like double the amount of cured fish I normally get from other places in Canberra and more importantly, it was delicious. Very Asian and Japanese inspired. The lemony cured fish was lightly covered in soy sauce with a mild wasasbi flavour to it (probably the horseradish) but I didn’t taste any spice, which is a good thing for me! Also really liked the seaweed, it wasn’t overly flavourful like green sushi seaweed, it was actually rather bland which helped to add some nice texture to the dish. The most interesting part of this dish was the lime and lemony honeycomb, so imagine an airy honeycomb but savoury and sour. There was also a white version of this which I think was horseradish. Really awesome way to add some flavour to the dish and give it crunch at the same time.


Next up, was the Beef short rib roll, fermented cucumber, horseradish mayo ($9), an entree slider. I really liked this slider, the beef was super flavourful, rich, tender with a generous amount of fat that gave it a lot of moisture. This was coupled with a super creamy and rich mayo. Not normally a fan of rocket but for this burger it just brought it all together, balanced it and made the richness and creaminess really delicious instead of overwhelming. Also noticed a soft shell crab slider on the menu, would love to try that next time.


Our second plate was the Bangalow pork cutlet, smoked bacon, cabbage and mustard sauce ($30). This was a pretty damn good pork cutlet. The pork was crispy on the outside but soft and moist on the inside. They also left a very generous cut of fat on the pork which just gave it an amazing creaminess. The bacon was a nice addition but a rather mild part of the dish, the pork and salad definitely overpowered it. I found the salad a little a bit too strong for the dish. It kind of killed (or overwhelmed for the technical term) the delicious porkiness of the dish and it was also a little bitter. I’m sure this was meant to balance out the richness of the sauce, bacon and pork but I didn’t fancy it (then again I’m a big fan of basic meaty flavours, so others may like this salad a lot more).


Lastly a very awesome dessert! Vanilla custard, mandarin sorbet, meringue and citrus salad ($16). I can’t believe how awesome this dish was. Temporada offered multiple really fantastic sounding desserts like the salted caramel doughnut or quince cigars but for some reason this one caught me. To be honest it was because I kept seeing images of all the other dishes and I was determined to try something new. I mean custard, how good can it be? I had doubts but then I tasted it, it was just so good. Super rich, super creamy, full of flavour and dotted with vanilla bean seeds. They charred a bit of the custard which gave it an almost a creme brulee sort of taste and some smokiness.

Similar to the fish kingfish dish, this came with that honeycomb like sprinkling but this time, with a citrus flavour. This added great tang and balance to the dish, with awesome texture as well.

I’ve left the best part to last, the meringue. This isn’t like your typical meringue, swirled into a pretty little flower. Here it came in thin sheets, this made it super crispy and helped it from getting to sweet. It went really nicely with the rich, creamy custard. It was like crackers to cheese, creamy custard to crispy meringue. It just worked! The custard wasn’t too sweet but really creamy so it just worked perfectly with the sweet crispness of the meringues. This was brilliant.


Finally our drink for the night, a Jerry jam ($17), French blackberry jam and seasonable berries muddled with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Chambord, fresh apple, limes and soda. Temporada had an impressive drinks menu. Multiple funky cocktails, pretty decent list of reds, whites and some desserts, beers, spirits and other things. I ended up picking a sweet cocktail, as per usual. Was tossing up between the Respect your elderflowers and this, and I picked this one because it seemed sweeter and less citrusy. This was strong but once I mixed it up and crushed the strawberry into it, it was really nice, fruity and fresh. A really great drink.

I really enjoyed Temporada. I regret not going here earlier, it was totally more hit with next to no misses, just great all round. And that dessert was waaay too good to be true. I’m definitely going back to try our some of their other savoury plates. As for dessert, I’ll probably order the custard again. It was simply amazing. Probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

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