Chanoma Cafe, CBD

I am a huge fan of this place! If I’m in Sydney and feeling a little snacky, then chances are I’ll probably end up here. Nice little Japanese cafe that offers hot dogs, fries and some pretty awesome dessert. If I get to Chanoma and I don’t feel like dogs or chips, then there are plenty of other awesome street food places around including Tenkomori, which is kinda like Mappen but with Ramen instead! Miss Chu, which is  Vietnamese street foods as well as other proper sit down places like Chef’s Gallery for fancy Chinese, Senyai for some Thai, Yebisu for casual Japanese, Sedap for some Malaysia and more! I really like what they’ve done to Regents Place, its a fantastic place for food now, and has something for everyone.

This time, we settled on something snacky and ordered a few savouries from Chanoma Cafe.


First up, the Creamy shrimp dog ($6.90), deep fried creamy shrimp croquette, chopped cabbage, paprika, parsley and tartare sauce. This was pretty awesome, its not everyday that you get a seafood option at a hot dog joint. Outside of the huge props for variety It was actually tasty too! The deep fried crumbed shrimp went really well the with bitterness of the cabbage and the tanginess of the tartare sauce. Overall, it was a very rich dog, delicious but very heavy and dense, would go perfect with some of their green tea ice creams or drinks to just back it off a little.


For our other dog, we got the Spicy meat lovers dog ($5.90), kransky sausage, spicy Miso flavoured pork mince, cannellini beans, tartare sauce and parsley. This was nice but I found that the chilli con carne was on the sweeter side, I’m a big fan of really savoury and meaty chilli, so this was a little strange. Nevertheless, still nice, especially the kransky, it was bitey and had some kick to it. Overall, I think I would have preferred a more meaty dog but this is a Japanese dog so I get that its different. Still nice in its own right but not really what I was expecting.


And of course, some Shaked chips with teriyaki ($4.40). If you like shaker fries from Maccas and wish you could get them more often, well these are pretty damn similar but instead of that paprika spice mix, you get some Japanese flavours here. This time I got the teriyaki version, really nice but they used a teriyaki sauce which made the chips a little soggy. This makes sense I guess but I was really hoping for teriyaki salt or dustings or something. Next time, I think I’ll try the seaweed one, sounds delicious and would likely keep the chips crispy!

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