Eightysix, Braddon

Headed out to dinner at Eightysix (86) recently to treat our fashionista friend for getting us an absolutely amazing bargain on some tailored suits in Bangkok.

This was our first time heading back to Eightysix since we first checked it out in its opening month. It was an amazing experience then and this was no different! I never blogged about our first experience, since we only had our phones with us that day and Eightysix has ‘mood’ lighting so the pictures were horrible. This time I managed to get some half decent snaps so onwards to the food!


First up a delicious and refreshing Ceviche ($28), cured Eden Bream with corn, tomato and cucumber salsa with crispy sweet potato and cumin flat bread. Slightly funny story here, when I first got the dish, I asked my table if they could see what the fish was from the blackboard menu. The lovely waiter behind us who overheard, turn around and told us what the fish was. Only problem was, I heard her say Eden Prime and when I got home and Googled it, no such fish existed. In hindsight I probably heard Eden Prime because we’d been playing all three Mass Effect games over the last couple of weekends. After much searching, I finally realised she said Eden Bream! Anyway, the ceviche was really nice, fresh and tangy, but not overly sour. The salsa and crispy sweet potato gave the fish a lovely texture and sweetness.

The dish comes with a big piece of cumin flat bread, which goes really well with the fish but it’s definitely not enough for the amount of ceviche you get. After finishing all my bread, I just chomped away on the fish without any bread and it got really overwhelming, sour and quite spicy. The waiter noticed and asked me if I wanted another one. So I guess if you run out, they are more than happy to give you more, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Secondly, we got the Scallops, fennel salad and boudin noir (blood pudding) ($8 per serving). This was fantastic, since trying blood pudding at The Cupping Room we’ve been trying to order it more because we loved it! The blood pudding on this dish was no different. It was absolutely delicious, rich and flavoursome. If you’ve never had blood sausage before and are a bit curious, the texture is like a regular sausage, soft and tender but slightly more grainy. Oh, its that half hidden black thing under the fennel salad.

The scallops were seared nicely, giving the scallops some nice texture on the outside and the inside was soft and flavoursome. They were a perfect addition with the rich blood pudding and went really well with the creamy sauce. Overall, the dish was nice and uplifting, full of flavour and really delicious.


Thirdly, as another snack we got the Steak tartare ($24). Probably my favourite steak tartare but I haven’t tried many yet. Trying more is definitely on my bucket list, steak tartare safari! The mince was really fresh, full of strong rich flavours and absolutely delicious. The egg yolk gave the mince a lot of creaminess and I was a huge fan of the crispy prawn chips. I’ve never seen any other place pair steak tartare with prawn chips and I felt like it really works. The rich and meaty goodness of the mince coupled with the strong prawn flavours and crunchiness really made the dish incredible. Gave the dish lots of texture and flavours.


Next up, we got the Heirloom carrots and parmesan ($12). This was awesome! I don’t normally like carrots but this was really nice. These carrots were super sweet, nicely charred and smokey. Since they were little baby sized carrots, the mild charring made it all nice and soft but not mushy. The parmesan was probably the best part of this dish, it was thinly shaven making it super fluffy, almost melt in your mouth sort of thing. This gave the carrots some creaminess and really brought out the savoury flavours. This was a really awesome little dish to break up all the rich meaty flavours of our other dishes.


More food! Lamb and rosemary pappardelle ($32). This was really nice and saucey. The sauce was like a lamb ragu, full of shredded lamb that was mixed throughout the soft pappardelle. The parmesan cheese was a welcome garnish and didn’t overpower the dish or anything. The ragu sauce coated the papparelle strips really well and gave everything a lovely creaminess, which I really enjoyed. Didn’t really taste the rosemary that much, but between the lamb and the parmesan I could definitely see why, this was probably my favourite main dish of the night.


And finally, our last savoury dish, Black angus with chimichurri, cherry tomatoes, red grapes and goats cheese ($38). This was fantastic, the meat was cooked rare, making it really nice and tender and had a fantastic crispy charred crust on the edges. The beef was cooked perfectly, and was pretty much small chunks of an awesome steak. The goats cheese was really nice, giving the meatiness of the dish a lot of creaminess. The tomato and red grapes gave a little bit of sweetness which was a nice touch and the chimichurri gave it some spiciness but not too much. Overall this dish was really great and we all loved it.


Of course, couldn’t end a delicious night of food without some dessert! Deconstructed cheesecake ($14), crunchy granola, cheesecake ice cream, berries and white chocolate snow. I really wanted to get the popcorn ice cream again because it was so delicious last time but I’m a big fan of variety and trying new things, so after much contemplation I went with the cheesecake. I didn’t know it was deconstructed when I ordered it because they don’t really detail the desserts on the blackboard menu, probably due to lack of space.

Anyway, so it’s not the best looking dessert I’ve ever seen, and kind of looked like a pile of cocaine but it tasted absolutely delicious. The white chocolate snow was fluffy and flakey, it also went absolutely everywhere if you accidentally blew, much like cocaine (I imagine). The cheesecake ice cream was creamy and cheesy but it was quite soft and was already melting when we got it, not sure if this was how it’s meant to be or if the dish was left out a little too long before getting to our table. Regardless it was really nice! The berries were sour, and I didn’t really care much for them but I’m sure they did their dish balancing magic.

I almost didn’t get this when the waiter told us there was granola because I didn’t really want healthy breakfast oats in my dessert. After ordering, digging in and trying the granola, boy was I wrong. The granola was sweet and crunchy and gave the dish a whole bunch of texture.

Really fantastic experience here at EightySix, all the dishes were amazing.

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