Dream Cuisine Patisserie, Fyshwick


I love Canberra, its got great food, lovely people, everything and anything is only a 20min drive away, there is no peak hour and the airs cleaner. Outside of the cold, the only thing I miss about Sydney is the cakes, sweets and pastry shops (and family of course!).

At least once I week, I’m sitting at home craving pretty looking pastries and sadly I don’t know many places in Canberra that do good sweets and! Most importantly are open on weekends or open outside of work hours (I’m talking about you Flute Bakery, why do I have to be sick to have delicious baked goods?!) I mean Canberra does have good baked goods e.g. Autolyse, Silo, Cornucopia and etc but I want a place where patisseries come first, all that savoury stuff can come later. I’ve been to Ricardo’s and its nice, sadly I don’t want to just have one place for this, I want more! I like variety.


So during one of these craving moments, I went on a crazy Googling rampage and found this little gem in one of Canberra’s official tourism sites. Best part, Dream Cuisine is open on the weekends! Outside of the colourful display of delicious looking macarons, countless tarts, pastries and cakes, they also do savouries, like pizza, sausage rolls and pies, they also have a brunch and brekkie menu with a heavy focus on poached eggs (and boy do they do them well).

I know I started this post with all this talk about sweet stuff but the savoury menu looked so good, so we decided to have brunch! I did get some sweets too! But I’ll talk about them at the end.

So onwards to the food.


First up is the Eggs Florentine ($15), two poached eggs with spinach, smoked trout and hollandaise sauce on a brioche bun. This was really nice. I really liked the hollandaise sauce, it was creamy, rich and had plenty of tanginess to it. Also there was plenty to go around so I could totally smother my eggs, spinach and brioche in it. The brioche was also great, not too buttery and sickening, just enough to add that extra delicious butteriness to the eggs, trout and spinach. And the best part of this dish!!! The eggs were perfectly poached.


Both eggs oozed with gooey yolk when we cut into them. This was after we admired our dishes, took our images, ensured they were alright looking, sipped on our chai lattes again. I was so pleased! I’m a massive poached eggs fan but its alway so hit and miss, sometimes your eggs are half cooked, other times one is prefect but the other one is practically hard boiled. So this was awesome!


For our second dish, we got something a little more basic and settled on the Eggs & Toast ($12) two poached eggs served on toast. Simple and delicious, the bread was buttery but no where near as much as brioche, there was just enough butter for you to taste it through the eggs. Again like with the first dish the eggs here were perfect! Not a single sign of poached egg pwnage at Dream Cuisine!


Another set of perfectly poached eggs. Four out of four. I was so surprised when this happened. Dream Cuisine’s menu is very heavily focused on poached eggs, they don’t even have a eggs your way on their menu. The closes thing to that was this little treat. So I guess the assumption is that either Dream Cuisine is awesome at poaching eggs and are capitalising on this or they have an apparatus for poaching eggs to perfection! I don’t care how Dream Cuisine is doing it, as long as I get perfectly poached eggs each time, I am going to be a super happy camper!


Less talk about poached or pwned eggs, onwards to the supplement for our eggs on toast, we grabbed a Pork and veal sausage roll ($5). These were really popular. We ordered one and had to wait 10 minutes while they baked up a new batch, after getting ours we literally saw it fly out the door within five to ten minutes.

After taking a bite into this, we got why it was in hot demand. It was scrumptious, probably the best sausage roll I’ve ever had. The meat was really moist. Normally I find sausage roll meat really dry, hence you have to drench it with sauce so your mouth doesn’t dry out while you’re eating it or have a bunch of water afterwards but here there was no need, the filling was perfect! On top of the awesome meat, the pastry was crispy and flaky, almost like a croissant, it was fantastic. The whole thing just worked together so perfectly! And look how fat it is, a really decent serving size too.


And lastly, our drink for the meal, a Real chai ($5 large). This was frothy and full of delicious smelling spices. It was tasty and just sweet enough. I sipped away on this while staring at the sweets display from our table, trying to pinpoint what I wanted, I couldn’t buy one of everything that would have left me with a sugar high for the rest of the weekend.


Heres a shot of Dream Cuisine’s croissants, they also had chocolate ones and other baked goodies. Of course, I was here to satisfy my massive sugar craving so I didn’t get any of these. Plus, I was pretty full from the yummy brunch so I only grabbed a thing or two as a post brunch treat.


Firstly, I got the Creme brulee tart ($4). I was tossing up between this and some of the other flavours including this really nice looking strawberry one. I ended up with this one, it seemed to be the most popular and sometimes you just got to trust that and yet again it worked out for me. The tart was so nice, a crackly top with silky smooth custard underneath. It wasn’t too sweet, just right for you to feel satisfied and guilt free afterwards.


Secondly, I grabbed the Strawberry and apple mousse cake ($7). I just couldn’t resist, it looked so pretty and tempting! It was a lovely cake, really light and airy. It also had some nice texture to it from the almonds and pomegranate. Again like with their creme brulee, it was sweet but just at the right amount.

This was an awesome little meal and post brunch treat at Dream Cuisine. I will definitely be coming back in the future, especially if I want some good poached eggs! If you are a poached egg lover, definitely check this place out, four out of four perfectly poached eggs for us! Delicious foods, sweets and savouries and open weekends!

And I absolutely cannot wait for Dream Cuisine’s truffle treats. I saw an image on their Facebook page today of their Forest Floor truffle dessert plate, cannot wait!! A little sad to see last week that they won’t be doing a truffle brunch but the amazing looking dessert totally made up for it.

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