Gumshara Ramen, Chinatown

Big fan of working from Sydney, its the only time when I can justify having deliciously unhealthy food for lunch and eating out each day and night. I’ve probably experienced more new Sydney eats since moving to Canberra than when I was living here. I got too comfortable when I was living in Sydney. I would put restaurants to a side and go my favourite eats instead, I figured I could always go another day, like tomorrow. Gumshara was one of those places.

After a little bit of discussion we decided to head down to Gumshara. A couple of my work mates were craving it and I’ve never had it before so we figured, why not. Who would have guessed that a tiny food court on Dixon street would have the best ramen in Sydney. I studied, worked and ate in Haymarket for years and never even realised that this food court existed. Actually there are so many tiny food courts just like this littered all over the city that you would never know about unless you accidentally stumble across them and a lot of them have some really awesome eats.

As for the ramen at Gumshara, it was pretty dam nice

First up, the Tonkotsu ramen noodle with semi boiled egg ($10.50 + $1.50). I’ve had a few ramens in my time, I must say I’ve never had tonkotsu broth before. I’ve always been a miso person, no specific reason, I guess no one ever asked so I never even considered it. After learning that tonkotsu was a pork broth, I figured why not, its pork and pork is delicious!

The ramen was pretty dam good. It was strong and fully of meaty flavours. The noodles were silky smooth and had a tiny bit of bite to them, making them prefect but not mushy. And of course, I added a semi boiled egg, big fan of the creaminess that it adds to the broth.

As much as love this broth, I think I prefer miso. Miso just has this lovely lightness to it and that delicious bean curd taste. I did find this broth a little too thick for my liking, I think I may have ordered the extra thick soup version thought. Would love to come back and try their miso ramen, it looks absolutely amazing or how about some of those more unique ones like tomato tonkotsu, I reckon the tardiness from the tomato could really balance out the super rich and thick soup I had.

Secondly, the Pork spare rib ramen noodle ($15). I was drawn to this because of the massive slab of pork that could barely be contained in the bowl! The pork was wonderfully charred and gave the ramen a lovely crunchy texture that played off the creaminess of the thick tonkotsu broth amazingly. I had a minor issue with this dish, I found the charred pork quite salty, it really didn’t help that the broth it quite heavy on its own. I ended up drinking a huge amount of water to counter balance this.

On a side note, our friend who was eating with us mentioned that the chefs at Gumshara went to painstaking effort to ensure that their ramen would be authentic. Apparently, they even went to Japan to learn the traditional ways of ramen making and it totally paid off. The broth is made purely from pork bones and water! Oh and on another side note apparently bone marrow is really good at keeping skin smooth! (The store actually promotes this! I’m not lying, look out for the sign next time) So, any of you out there with skin problems, eat more ramen from Gumshara!


I really enjoy visiting Sydney. Every time I head up, I discover new and wonderful eats, awesome breakfast places, massive lunch joints and absolutely delicious places for dinner. When I moved back to Sydney, I’m definitely bringing back this new mindset. No more eating at the same old places day in and day out. I’m going to find all those awesome little food courts, random delicious vendors in the middle of no where and absolutely amazing hidden gems. Definitely checking out Gumshara again, got to check out that miso broth.

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