Local Press Cafe, Kingston

So after a weekend that was a little too big and waking up way past noon we headed out into the rain and over to Local Press Cafe. It was 2PM by the time we got there and as we turned the corner, we saw no one sitting outside, at first we were like, dam now we need a back up but as we peeped through the glass, we saw people! In hindsight, it was raining pretty heavily, that probably explains why there was no one sitting outside. After a quick chat to the staff, we found out that they were still serving food, whoopee! I think they took last orders at around 2.30PM, if anyone is interested.

I was pretty surprised when I saw the menu. It was pretty simple, they had four choices all of which were quite clean and green, they also had three soups as well. I didn’t read up on Local Press Cafe or check out any pictures online so I didn’t really know what to expect but I did assume hipster. I’ve walked passed before and the decor really does scream hip and happening. I guess I was expecting more choices and things outside of salads. Anyways, since we were already settled and it was freezing outside we figured we’ll just grab a couple of salads and a soup to warm us up.


First up, the Smoked ocean trout salad ($18) with roasted potatoes, asparagus, seeds cream cheese and mint yoghurt. So for this dish, there was a choice between smoked ocean trout or smoked salmon. I normally get smoked salmon for brekkie so I figured I would try something new and went for the trout. This dish was awesome! It light and fresh, honestly it was probably the best thing to have after our late night out. The salad was sauced with different three flavours which worked really well together. There was the sourness and minty flavours from the mint yoghurt, this was balanced with creamy and rich cream cheese and to top it all off, savoury and strong flavours from the balsamic. The trout was fresh and full of flavour, it went well with the light mixed lettuce, asparagus and roasted potatoes. The salad was such a mix match of flavours and ingredients but it just worked out really well!


Next up, the Angus beef strips salad ($18) with roasted capsicum and feta cheese. This was definitely not what we were expecting. This was the only meaty option of the four dishes on offer and the only one that didn’t seem like a salad. Well it came out and to me, I would call this a salad, there is an awful lot of green stuff in it! Well, all that initial disappointment left as we started munching away. It was actually quite tasty. The meat was cooked in a stir fry kind of style, the beef was thinly sliced and cooked all the while through, I thought that was strange for a place like this but nevertheless it was tasty, saucey and flavoursome. The roasted capsicum was light in flavour which was a big plus for us, not a massive fan of capsicum normally but the ones of this dish was quite nice. Overall, the flavourful beef and mild capsicum went really well with the light salad and feta cheese.


Finally, our soup, the Seafood chowder ($19) with crispy grilled prawns, clam, scallop and calamari. I’ve never had a chowder before, I’ve always avoided it because I just assumed it would be really fishy since it has so much seafood in it. Ouk has had chowder once before but only in San Fran where its apparently quite famous and I think they went to place known for their chowders too. So thats the only thing we had to compare Local Press Cafe’s chowder too and boy did they do well. This chowder was delicious! It wasn’t fishy at all, it was really nice, mild and super creamy. The soup was slightly thick and quite starchy, it had plenty of seafood throughout it and also some veggies like peas, carrots and corn. It was so tasty, after having this I’ve completely changed my mind about chowders. I’m definitely trying out more chowders from now on, I hear C Dine Bar down the road has one to!


For drinks, first up we got the Cappuccino with soy ($3.50+$0.50). I know nothing about coffee but this was enjoyable. It was quite mild meaning for me, it had that lovely coffee taste and smell but it didn’t leave me with that horrible bitter taste on my tongue. But we have heard some less than positive things about Local Press Cafe’s coffee, so I guess if you’re a coffee connoisseur, it might be a good idea to get a juice when you’re here because those were fantastic and healthy too!


Onto something I know a little more about, a Sticky chai with soy ($5+$0.50). This was awesome, Local Press didn’t do chai lattes, they only had chai tea leaves strained with milk, which honestly I prefer. I wish more places did this! This one was really nice, it had strong chai flavours and was really creamy. Super glad I went with soy too, I enjoy the nuttiness that soy milk adds to teas and coffees. I must say, its not as good as Mocan & Green Grout’s chai, which I reckon is the best place for chai tea but this one is definitely up there. Oh and look at that adorable cosy that the teapot comes in!


Finally, to go we grabbed a Orange, mandarin and ginger cold press juice ($7). Couldn’t say no to some cold press juice, I could see them making it in the openish kitchen as well. They also had some of those super food veggie ones with beetroot, kale and carrot but I went for something fruity, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable having veggies in my drinks yet. Someday. This was super refreshing and you could just taste the ginger in the background, mild but it really add something great to the drink.

Local Press Cafe wasn’t what we were expecting but it was still absolutely amazing. It was actually a really nice change, I’m so use to heavier foods for breakfast and brunch, I really don’t get to eat whole and healthy foods like this very often, so this was super refreshing. I guess we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we enjoyed it in the end. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting more food like this into the future. Can’t wait to come back to Local Press Cafe!

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