BrodDogs, Belconnen

BrodDogs has recently relocated to The Hamlet at 16 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. It now sits with some of the most loved food trucks in Canberra including Mr. Papa, The Spit Shack, Nookies’ Chasing Mr Norris and others. Feeding hungry APS workers at lunch, drinkers with the munchies on weekends and of course, me every time I have a late night hot dog craving. The menu looks pretty similar to BrodDogs’ Belconnen menu. However, I think they’ve included a couple more non meat options including a hot dog bun minus the hot dog, with an assortment of ingredients instead.

I think I’m up to update number two or three now. So the other week, I finally managed to get my hands onto BrodDog’s veggie dog (apparently they can also make this dog vegan on request but I went for veggie, I like cheese too much). I’ve wanted to try out this dog ever since BrodDog first opened up a couple of weeks ago. However, sadly the crew at BrodDog told us that they had misplaced their fryer in the whole move and set up. So for a while BrodDog’s veggie dog and all their delicious fried chips were off the tables. About a week ago, I was in Belconnen and decided to test my luck out and alas, it looks like BrodDog has found their fryer. So here is a review for their veggie dog.

Here we go, the Veggie dog ($8.50). I’ll probably start with, this is definitely not the prettiest hotdog I’ve seen, it probably is much closer to taking out the title for least attractive dog but boy was it delicious and creative. I’ve never seen a veggie combination like this, in a dog or burger. I normally assume veggie patty or sausage meat (like the ones you an get from Woolies or Coles) or if it’s a little fancier, maybe haloumi or pumpkin but here at BrodDog, they were featuring deep fried cauliflower. I normally don’t even like cauliflower but here it just worked amazingly. The crunchiness and charred flavours of the deep fried cauliflower worked perfectly with the soft baked eggplant which brought some familiarity to the whole dog (vegetarian wise). This was topped with tonnes of oozing and creamy cheese sauce and finally for some extra texture because the deep fried cauliflower wasn’t enough, some crispy finely sliced sweet potato and some more gruyere cheese for flavour. This is probably the best veggie dog I’ve ever had, definitely worth a try for any vegetarians out there!

Just an update to this post now that BrodDogs is officially open! It is in the Belconnen Mall car park, just outside the Outback Jacks and Fernwood entrance. I’ve updated the menu and included a new dog, the NYer. Unfortunately, BrodDogs lost their deep frier in the move, so they’re currently unable to serve the veggie dogs as it is mainly made up of deep fried cauliflower but they were happy to make a veggie dog out of other ingredients for me, like coleslaw, any of the other non meaty extras. Also, no fries, which means no chilli or cheesy fries sadly.


Here is the new menu. A total of eight awesome dogs and four sausages to choose from. The menu now includes a vegetarian hot dog that doubles as a vegan dog but I guess you have to mention it to them, and you probably don’t get any cheese. They’re now also offering a bunch of extras, wouldn’t mind adding some chilli to the American dog next time! Best part of all, those delicious sounding fries, its a shame they don’t have a deep frier right now but once that is up and running I’ll be the first in line. Chilli cheese fries with gruyere cheese or cheesy fries with fondue and gruyere cheese or both, how good do those sound.


For our latest dog, we grabbed the New Yorker ($9). Not the most attractive dog out there but at least it’s pretty delicious! For this dog we chose the Weisswurst sausage which was a wonderful pork and veal combination! The sausage itself was really tasty, quite mild like most german sausages are, and complimented the other toppings perfectly. There was a slight issue that I had with it, though it does seem to be personal preference, but I thought the sausage was a bit small in comparison to the rest of the bun, and I generally love my hot dogs meaty! The New Yorker comes with a heap of sauerkraut, but this isn’t any old normal sauerkraut, there are big chunks of smoked pork belly all the way through it! When I realised they gave me some pork to enjoy with the rest of my pork, I fell in love with this hot dog! The corn relish in this dog gave it some nice zesty sweetness that really offset the strong savoury and sour flavours coming from all the other parts, and they did not skimp out on the mustard! All in all, I thought this was a really delicious hot dog and would definitely order it again!


Canberra’s favourite burger shop is now serving up hot dogs! BrodDogs, the latest creation from the masterminds at Brodburger can be found in the Belconnen Mall car park just outside the Fernwood and Outback Jacks entrance. It is indeed another food truck! Like Brodburger was back when they were flipping burgers out of a truck. It looks like this will be BrodDogs’ permanent location, it took a crane to get the truck in so I can’t imagine they’ll be wanting to do that again any time soon.

We managed to pop by the BrodDogs truck on its opening day, where they were serving three dogs including the American dog, Chilli dog and New Yorker dog. I think they mentioned on Twitter last week that they would be closing for a week after their first day to finalise their menu and include a vegan dog. Yipee for me because I didn’t get to try any of the deliciousness on show here, well I did eat bread and some condiments, Ouk just got double the dog.

Oh before I talk about the dogs, I should probably mention that on BrodDogs opening day all proceeds were going to a charity for cerebral palsy. That was a really nice touch, plus their sign made it seem like all money collected not just profits, so even extra cool!

Anyways, onwards to chit chat about the hot dogs themselves.


First up, the American dog ($7), double smoked Frankfurt, sweet tomato relish with diced onions, pickles and American mustard. I was a big fan of this dog. Overall this dog was pretty standard, just like what you would find in the States, which is a good thing! There’s something to be said for keeping things the way they were but doing it right, and this dog was just that. The frankfurt was nice and firm, super tasty without overpowering the dog like a kranski or bratwurst might have. One thing I really appreciated were the freshly diced pickles on this dog. I like the pickle relish that you find in most American dogs as much as the next person but nothing really beats freshly diced, it made everything feel lighter, fresher and the pickle flavour really came through. The hot dog was also heavily sauced with tomato and mustard sauce which, when I first saw it, was a little concerned that it would cause the bun to become really soggy, but upon closer inspection, the bun was lightly charred. This gave the dog some great texture and kept everything from falling apart in a soggy mess. Overall everything about this was perfectly balanced and I thought it was fantastic!


For our second dog, we grabbed the Chilli dog ($9), double smoked pork frankfurt, sweet corn relish with slow cooked homemade beef chilli and aged cheddar cheese. This was really tasty, different to what I was expecting but I still really enjoyed it. The dog overall was a lot sweeter than I’m used to and I think it was the addition of the corn relish that did this. Personally, I prefer my chilli dogs meaty and savoury but in this instance I didn’t mind the creamy corn taste that the relish provided. As for the chilli itself, it was great! I didn’t notice a whole lot of beans in it, so it was really meaty (which I loved) and it was also really nicely spiced with what I think was a touch of cinnamon, but can never be too sure with all those flavours about. The guys at BrodDogs were really nice and generous with the chilli and really made me wish I just stumped up the $2 to get chilli added to the American dog I bought! As for the frankfurt itself, it was nice and juicy with a lot of bite to it, complimenting the spiced flavour of the chilli perfectly. I also found the melted cheese quite interesting, when I was eating it, to me it tasted like a blend of cheeses, I thought I tasted monterrey jack, cheddar, mozzarella, etc which I thought was really fantastic and added a lot of subtle flavours. But according to the description, apparently its just aged cheddar, so I guess any thoughts of becoming a cheese snob are definitely dashed. Regardless, awesome dog all round.


I really enjoyed the two dogs I had at BrodDogs on its opening day, it was nice to see they were doing something good for the community as well and I absolutely cannot wait when they reopen up again next week. According to Brodburgers tweets on Twitter, they’ll be closed for the week to finalise BrodDogs’ menu which will include a vegan dog! Yippee, absolutely can’t wait to go back!


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