Madame Squint, Melbourne

This is my absolute favourite place in Melbourne! Every time I’m in the fashion and food capital of Australia, I’m in this little cafe. It would be my first and last stop every time if I could, sadly its always a mad rush when in Melbourne!

The reason I’m always so excited to come to Madame Squint has got to be the absolutely amazing, soft, tasty baos. They’re exceptionally tasty and as an added bonus, they’re just massive, its like double the size of Wonderbao or Ippudo baos. In case you’re not into baos, they also do rice burgers too, Asian desserts, cakes, pastries and other Japanese treats like ramen and udon! To be fair, if you’re not into baos there’s probably something wrong. With you.

First up, the one bao that I’ll get every single time I eat a bao, the Pork belly bao ($7.50). I always love pork belly baos, and this was definitely no different. This was amazing, I should mention that here at Madame Squint, they give you TWO giant chunks of pork with a generous amount of fat that just melts away in your mouth! To add to that there’s a really soft, fluffy bun with a slight bit of sweetness to it that worked wonderfully with the pork. There was also a little bit of pickled carrots and white radish to break up the soft textures a bit and give everything a bit of tang. To top it all off, a little bit of coriander for that delicious fresh smell. Amazing, I absolutely love this bao.

Here is a shot of the delicious fatty pork belly. Looks so good it deserves a shot on its own. Look at those delicious fatty strips and meaty sauce soaking into the perfect little bun. The bright colours, simply drool worthy.  So much goodness!

Second up, the Beef bulgogi rice burger ($6.60).I’ve only ever had one before from MOS burger and while I loved it, I hadn’t really thought of rice burgers for awhile. Our hotel was near this place that had a massive sign outside their store with the word rice burger on it, and a lovely giant picture of one, I have no idea what that store was called just that they do rice burgers, I guess the promo material worked in getting me to crave a rice burger!

So when I got to Madame Squint and saw that they do rice burgers, I of course had to order one! Absolutely no regrets about this!. I  really like it, I know some people say that its overrated and a novelty but I feel like the rice bun actually gives it a really different feel to a standard burger. The rice bun was absolutely delicious. Since rice buns are just small bits of rice packed together, they manage to suck up moisture and juices really well. It makes it kind of difficult to eat (you kind of need to use the wrapping to keep your hands clean) but the entire burger just soaks up the lovely meat flavours from the beef and tastes amazing. The meat itself was perfect,  nice soft and tender, and covered in rich creamy mayo. Plus a generous piece of fresh crunchy green lettuce for some pretty colours and crunchy texture.

Lastly, a Beef rendang rice burger ($6.95). Like the beef bulgogi this was delicious. The meat was great and had a lot of flavour and meaty juices to it, making the rice bun flavoursome as above. The curry flavour was quite strong and gave it a really distinct taste to the bulgogi burger above. There was also a nice amount of mayo in this burger which gave the bun great creaminess. Another awesome tasting treat from this cute little food joint.

I absolutely love this little place, like a lot of good food places in Melbourne Madame Squint is tucked away in a little alley but once you stumbled across it, you’ll be happy you did! This place totally deserves more love!

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