Mr Burger, Melbourne

Food trucks! I left Sydney before the food truck movement really started and Canberra doesn’t really have any,  well there is Brodburger,  The Mandalay Bus, The G Spot and Gaby’s Takeaway but none of these move! So excited every time I go to Melbourne and I try to hit these up as much as possible. Weirdly enough, this is my first one, mainly because of their travelling nature it becomes a little hard to schedule in and track down hence they are normally the first to go if our eyes ever became way larger than our tummies. Happens more often than it should, we really don’t learn when we plan our trips.

So Mr Burger is pretty awesome they have five trucks that move around the inner city everyday and they post their locations on their website a day or two before hand.  They also have a fixed store on Little Bourke Street, apparently they opened this one up because businesses in Docklands would complain that Mr Burger and other food trucks took all their customers when they came down to Docklands. So that ruined any chance of having Mr. Burger come right to our doorstep, nevertheless we persisted and walked from our office in Docklands all the way to 428 Little Bourke Street. Nothing will stop us from trying these awesome burgers!

First up, the Mr Meat ($11), beef, cheese, lettuce, bacon, caramlised onion, pickle, BBQ sauce and mayo. Hands down best burger ever! Sorry Brodburger, you’ve still got a spot in my tummy but Mr. Burger has taken on the mantle. The thing that set Mr Burger apart for me was that it is really similar in taste and style to the burgers you get in the states, the cheese, the foil wrapping, the bread, everything about it! I really love that style of greasy delicious burger so these really spoke to my soul.

The burger is prepared like they do in America, where the cheese is fully melted onto the burger. This is done by placing a patty onto the grill top with a slice of cheese on top of this, they then place a metal dome over it to melt and almost steam the cheese into the patty. Fantastic.

As for taste, the bread is fluffy, soft and flavoursome but not oily or buttery like a brioche bun. This was a nice change from the brioche buns that we tend to get in fancy burgers in Australia. The beef patty was awesome, tasty and heavily spiced, a bit like sausage meat but so much better!

My favourite part was the foil wrapping, just exactly how they do it in the states. The reason I like the foil wrapping so much is because it makes the whole burger moist, warm and soft. Its like the burger its steamed!

Secondly, Mr Veg ($10), falafel, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, mayo and tomato sauce. This is just as amazing as the Mr Meat, the foil, the bun, the cheese but the best part of this burger was the falafel. I’ve never been a massive fan of falafel, I normally find it too dry, boring in flavour and texture but this time it was amazing. So good that I could easily pick one of these over a meat burger by choice! The falafel patty was super crispy but not oily, it tasted awesome and went well with all the other really strong flavours, almost helped to balance them out. I love this burger so much, I bought another one for later on!

I can’t believe there is a burger this good in Australia. Mr Burger is another place that’s been placed on my list of must eats in Melbourne. The best part, there are other food trucks and burger joints that are supposedly meant to better than Mr Burger, according to reviews and ratings so I absolutely cannot wait to check these places out.

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