Maccaroni Trattoria, Melbourne

Another awesome find in the bustling city of Melbourne. We originally found this awesome little Italian store during our last trip. We were meeting up with a couple of friends who had moved down to Melbourne over the years. We didn’t really have a plan so we did a quick search on Urbanspoon. Maccaroni Trattoria had some good reviews and was pretty near by so we figured why not. Super happy that we tried it out, it was absolutely amazing! Delicious and affordable Italian in the city, what more can one ask for.

Anyways, we liked it so much that we squeezed it into our pretty tight food schedule this time round. We literally rushed over from work, to Maccaroni Trattoria and then to a taxi for Melbourne Airport. Regardless, totally worth it!

First up, the Forest tortellini ($18) homemade veal tortellini with bolognese sauce, mushroom, parsley and parmigiano cheese. This was really nice. super tasty, really saucy and quite cheesy as well! It pretty much just had everything going for it. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the pepper, was it decorative or what it operational? I had no idea, eventually I scrapped the pepper and mixed it into my pasta. It added great bite to the whole dish. I am also a big fan of the fact that Maccaroni Trattoria just has a pot of parmesan cheese on each table. This allowed me to scoop in as much cheese as I wanted without feeling guilty and having the staff look at me strangely because I tend to go a bit crazy when it comes to parmesan cheese.


For our second pasta, we grabbed the Penne arrabbiata ($15) penne pasta with tomato, black olive, fresh chilli, capers, onion, garlic, basil and pecorino cheese. Again another super delicious pasta dish. I did find that the olives were slightly on the saltier side but it worked surprisingly well overall as the pasta, sauce and other ingredients were quite mild. It balanced everything out and gave the dish a lot of extra flavour, just be careful not to accidentally eat two olives in one spoon! I really liked the fresh basil, it brought a whole new dimension to the dish and really brought out a level of freshness that made this dish feel so authentic. Oh I also requested for the fresh chillis to removed from my dish since I can’t eat chilli, Maccaroni Trattoria were more than happy to do it but I wonder if that changed the way my dish tasted. I wasn’t as creative and as Ouk and didn’t scrape the pepper into my pasta, I wonder if I ended up losing all of the kick in this dish due to no pepper or chilli.

My favourite thing about Maccaroni Trattoria is that fact that its affordable Italian in the middle of the CBD with fantastic serving sizes. I’m not sure how it is in Melbourne and I never really had much Italian in Sydney but in Canberra, Italian is strictly fancy, higher end food. This never really made sense to me, since Italian food is what I make when I’m on a budget. However, when I go out, Italian also always one of the more expensive options and it’s really weird! I feel the same about Indian as well, just putting it out there. Maccaroni Trattoria throws this whole concept on its head and it’s tasty as well, hence why I love it.

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Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana on Urbanspoon



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