Trunk Diner, Melbourne

Trunk Diner was the first place we visited during our most recent trip to the fashion and food capital of Australia, Melbourne! Trunk Diner wasn’t actually on our list of places to hit up but when we were on our way to the hotel, we passed Trunk and it looked amazing and we instantly wanted. Outside it was fitted out like a food truck that looked a lot like American diners that I love, inside its a restaurant with plenty of seating and a garden style fit out.

After settling down in the hotel, we quickly rushed down the street to check it out. There were two parts to the restaurant,  there was Trunk Diner, the more casual joint with American comfort food and drinks and then there was the proper restaurant which served full blown dishes. We couldn’t go past the heavily American influenced portion of Trunk Diner’s menu, so we decided to go for the casual one. Plus, the Diner’s the one with the food truck fit out stuck to it.


First up, we tried the Breaking Bad diner dog ($12), bacon wrapped hotdog with mustard, ketchup, fresh tomato salsa and jalapeño. The name caught us, couldn’t say no to a dog named after the TV show and if the name wasn’t enough, then look at the description! Definitely couldn’t say no to something wrapped in bacon, all that fatty goodness! The dog was yummy. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of standard frankfurts and was a little disappointed when I saw it come out, but it tasted surprisingly nice. The toppings on this dog gave everything a wonderful kick and the bacon was flavoursome but not to strong that it overpowered the whole thing with saltiness.


Next up, some Chilli cheese fries ($9), shoe string fries with chilli con carne and cheese. These were my absolute favourite thing at this place, they were nice, crispy and light shoe string fries lathered in chilli con carne and a generous layer of nicely melted cheese. Overall, it was a really generous amount of chilli cheese fries, between two people we couldn’t even get half way through it. The fries were so crispy you didn’t really need to go at this with a fork which was a welcome change from most chilli fries I’ve had in the past! Though, in hindsight I would’ve preferred a bit more chlli on this.  

Finally, The burger ($10), 175gram wagyu beef, brioche, lettuce, tomato and pickles. This was a cute little burger, it came out all deconstructed with the condiments on the side and you had to just place it all together. I was a little confused and annoyed because the burger looked quite tiny when it first came out, but as you start putting it together it becomes a bit of a mouthful. It was a pretty tasty burger, the meat was flavourful and cooked perfectly medium rare and its wonderful juices added so much to this burger. This was an American burger at heart and this meant pickles! They were really generous with the pickles,which gave it a huge traditional cheeseburger vibe. Really cool.


Heres what the burger looks like when we assembled it. Look at all that pickle! The meat was also nice and thick and I was a big fan of the melted cheese on the patty. Its not a bad looking burger, I kind of like this whole open burger thing, makes it really easy to leave the condiments that you don’t like out instead of pulling your burger apart and taking bits and pieces out. This especially sucks when the cheese has bonded everything together. So this was a nice touch. For me, I left all the onions out.


Finally a shot of how the burger came to us. Nice and hipster, DIY.

Trunk Diners not a bad place for quick snack for a night of adventure and food, very glad we stumbled across Trunk Diner and experienced it for ourselves. Not many American joints where we come from, so this is pretty awesome. Why aren’t there more American joints in Sydney and Canberra?!

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