Hofbräuhaus, Melbourne

This is something I was really excited about trying, Hofbrahaus! Every time my friends hear that I’m heading down to Melbourne, this place is on their list of food places to try. Last time I was in Melbourne I ate at HuTong and only managed to grab a drink or two from Hofbrauhaus next door afterwards because we were so full. We really wanted to, but couldn’t fit anything in. We actually sat around trying to digest, but by the time we did and considered getting a snack, the kitchen had already closed. Don’t let anyone say we didn’t try.

This time, I was determined to eat here, so I locked it in, it was probably one of the first places we hit up for this trip. The meal was amazing! Can’t believe I didn’t put this at a higher priority in the last trip! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was super chill and its kind of cool seeing staff dressed in traditional German outfits, it’s not something you see everyday I guess.

Anyways, onto the food at Hofbrauhaus. Between the two of us, we ordered all this, another moment where our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It just sounded to great from the menu that we had to try it! I ended up with two days worth of leftovers for lunch at work.


First up, we grabbed the Speck kasespatzle ($14.50), house made German egg noodles in creamy bacon and cheese sauce with crispy onions. Wow, this was amazing. Its now on my list of favourite foods, though outside of Lowenbrau, I’m not really sure where to get it in Sydney and I have no hopes for finding it in Canberra. Actually there is a German club that does massive knuckles here in Canberra, hopefully they carry this too! I understand that this isn’t the most photogenic food ever, but the taste definitely made up for it! It’s kind of like a mac and cheese, that’s done right, really moist and flavoursome. The noodles were just  a cross between pasta and egg noodle, it was quite thick but soft and also doughy. The noodle was smothered in a creamy cheese sauce but it wasn’t salty or overwhelming, it was quite mild but very creamy and delicious. This really brought out the flavour of the bacon that just brought this lovely smokiness to the dish. It was topped with aromatic and super crispy onions which added crunchy and lovely flavour to the plate. It sounds so simple but it was just so damn delicious and I can’t recommend it enough!


Next up, the HB Wurstplatte ($29.50), a selection of German bratwurst, käsekrainer and nürnberger sausage served with mashed potatoes and crispy onions. As you may be able to tell I don’t know very much about German food, so when I was Hofbrahuas I was determined to try as much as I could, naturally instead of going for any single plate of sausages, I went for the tasting plate, which include one of each of the sausages that Hofbrahaus served. I was very glad I did too, all the sausages were really tasty and each one was quite distinctive. The bratwurst was soft, the skin was nice and firm but the meat inside had a really lovely texture to it. The flavour was quite mild, with the herbs and spices taking over, a really nice sausage that went with the sauce perfectly. As for the kasekrainer, it was really quite firm and bitey, like a kransky. It was really smokey and full flavoured. Probably my favourite of the bunch, and finally the nurnberger was really small! Still delicious though, charred around the edges but keeping a nice soft texture, the meaty flavour came out really strong in this one. I can’t move on without mentioning the mashed potatoes because it was absolutely fantastic! Super strong potato flavour, definitely legitmate potatoes here! Super creamy, tasty and just amazing. I would be a happy camper if someone just gave me a massive bowl of Hofbrabaus mash and told me to have at it!


Last thing on the food front, Brotzeitteller for two ($22.50), selection of smoked and cured cold cut meats, swiss cheese, liverwurst, pork belly, obazda and pickles with freshly baked bread. Again, trying to try out as much German food as possible, I went for another tasting plate. This time, more snacky and entrees. Ahh in hindsight, this was probably our entree but we had the sausages first, they just smelt so great and looked so tasty plus this plate was all cold cuts, it could wait! This was tasty, the cold cut meats were fresh, smokey and super tasty. The meats went really well with the different sauces, like the juicy, sweet and tangy apple jam which worked perfectly with the sharp swiss cheese. The obazda was awesome, it was super creamy and buttery, went so well with the meats and freshly baked breads. Everything about this cold cut plate was awesome, I would definitely order it again! Oh almost forgot the pork belly, how could I because it was my favourite part of this! The skin was super crispy but it wasn’t thick and overwhelming, the super was so flavoursome, almost like the Asian style BBQ pork. It was like the best of two worlds. I kind of can’t remember if there was one but I’d totally get an entire dish dedicated to that pork belly. Amazing.


Here is the freshly baked bread and butter that came with the Brotzeitteller. There was an asortment of different breads including sourdough, rye bread and little buns. The butter was nice and soft. I really liked that they swirled it, its nothing amazing or complicated but it adds something a little special to the bread basket. Okay, maybe I’m a wannabe baker and get really excited when I see swirls.


Couldn’t go to a German place and not get something to drink, first up, the Mango Weizen ($9.00). I’m normally pretty bad when it comes to beer, I drink the light stuff and anything that has wheat in it because I like that malty after taste that it has but this drink, this is one drink that I could drink all the time. There was that lovely refreshing beer taste to it but it did the one thing that could make anything taste better. It added mango to it. I kind of hate that you have to go Belgian or German places to get this because I’m absolutely in love with it. I tried buying that Mango flavoured beer by Masto’s, but it definitely did not satiate my cravings, I bought it like six months ago and I’ve still got a couple of bottles in the fridge. I think I like the one at Hofbrahau as it had quite a strong mango taste to it.


Heres the Strawberry cocktail, I actually not 100% sure what its called or how much it cost, somewhere around the $10 to $15 mark. It was a part of Hofbrahaus’ cocktail list which can only be found in store, if you look at the left of the image, that pamphlet near the wall, that’s the cocktail list. This was meant to be summer like and fruity and indeed it was. A nicely girly drink, couldn’t taste that alcoholic aftertaste. It was refreshing and had a really strong strawberry taste to it.

I really enjoyed my meal at Hobrahaus, it definitely motivates me to check out Lowenbrau next time I’m in Sydney! Can’t believe how tasty German food is. Maybe I should start with the German club in Canberra!

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