Treehouse, Civic

I didn’t know that Treehouse in Civic served food but I saw a banner recently promoting twofors! (aka two for one, buy one get one free deals) on Thursday for their burgers. After checking out Treehouse’s menu and seeing the options, I figured why not, $9 for a burger and some fries, that would be a pretty tasty dinner.

So we headed over after work one Thursday night to sample Treehouse’s burgers. Looks like they also have lunch specials on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The options looked pretty good too but I think it constantly changes, like one week I noticed that Treehouse was doing a truffle pasta and the next week it was gone, so check it out on their website, Treehouse $9 lunch special.

Anyway, onwards to our burgers.


First up, the Double beef cheeseburger with chips and aioli ($18), two beef patties with caramelised onion, pickles, tomato and mustard. This was really yummy. Two juicy and flavourful beef patties tucked into a lightly toasted sesame bun which absorbed all the meaty goodness from the patty. This was topped with smokey onions and a good squeeze of tomato and mustard for extra flavour and helped balance out the dryness of the bread. The pickles and rocket were a nice addition, giving the burger some nice tanginess and bite here and there. Together all the ingredients worked really well and the burger tasted great.


Next up, the Lentil burger with chips and aioli ($18), a lentil patty with tomato, rocket, avocado salsa, alfalfa and peanut sauce. This was a great little burger! Delicious but not overly fancy, I actually liked that Treehouse opted for a sesame bun instead of using a brioche bun. This made the burger seem more like a delicious sandwich as opposed to a fancy schmancy burger. The lentil patty was nice and light but still brought a lot of flavour to the burger, this was paired with avocado, aioli and peanut sauce making it super creamy and really tasty.

My favourite part of this meal was the chips. They were nice, thick and full of starchy goodness on the inside with an awesome and super crunchy exterior which was nicely seasoned making it quite flavourful and went really well with the delicious aioli.

Both burgers and the chips were really nice! Totally worth a visit on a Thursday afternoon after work. Not a bad way to end the working day with a couple of workmates or as a quick dinner if you can’t be bothered to cook at home. Plus added bonus, Treehouse isn’t overly busy on Thursday so you can enjoy your burger in peace with a drink or two.

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