Parlour Wine Room, NewActon

I’m really excited about this post, I’ve really been meaning to go to Parlour Wine Room for sometime now because I love Elk & Pea and I know they’re the same guys behind Parlour Wine Room so yeah, definitely excited. Plus they have so many deals now, like two for one tapas on Sunday from 2PM – 5PM, and Parlour’s lunch special which includes a main and a wine or beer for $16, every Tuesday to Sunday between midday and 3PM. I think there are a few others but these are the only two I’ve experienced and well, no reason to go past a bargain.

Today I’m talking about Parlour Wine Room’s two for one tapas deal which runs on Sunday. I’m just happy enough that Parlour Wine Room is open on the weekends during the deadzone (aka 2PM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday) but they have two for one as well?! Can it get any better? On Saturday Elk & Pea does two for one tacos during this time and on Sunday Parlour Wine does two for one tapas, I never have to worry about finding a place to eat during those times again and for that I love you guys!


So Parlour Wine Room’s two for one deal includes both of the options in their tapas section, the small plates and the larger plates. I wasn’t 100% sure but one of the staff at Parlour confirmed that it affected both of them. Like most other places that do two for one, you get the two cheapest plates free, which is pretty good since most of the tapas are pretty similar in price and equally delicious! Side note, sorry for the poor images, they’re phone pictures. I wasn’t planning to get food today, or at least something this nice. We were meant to watch a move at the Palace Threatre but there wasn’t anything that appealed to us so we ended up wandering around and settling at Parlour Wine Room, in hindsight we probably should of checked session times in advance.

Alrightie, enough chit chat, onwards to the fantastic food!


First up, the Twice cooked crispy belly ($17) with px glaze, fried onion and hazelnut. Delicious and served on what looked like a half ceramic pipe for some extra novelty, I guess. This was delicious! The pork was perfect, soft, tender and juicy with quite a bit of sweetness to it. The skin was perfectly crispy, making the whole dish perfect! The crispiness of the skin balanced off with the soft and tasty pork meat. I’m not sure what px glaze is but I think that’s what brought the lovely sweetness to the meat. The fried onions also brought extra crunch and texture along with that burnt onion flavour. I really should be better at describing things like that know, burnt onions. There were also some crushed hazelnuts sprinkled over the top for an extra nuttiness flavour. Great dish all round.


Next up, the Prawn, garlic chips and chilli ($17). This was a pretty tasty dish. It wasn’t as fun and as exciting as the pork belly but this one was tasty in its simplicity. This dish had about five plump and juicy prawns that were flavoured with a basic oil and garlic seasoning that really suited the prawns well. As simple as the dish was, it was still super tasty, the garlic was strong and really came through in the prawns and I tend to love strong garlic flavours. I really liked that they used garlic chips not just minced or diced garlic as it added a lot of crunchiness to the softer, tender prawns and I appreciated the shifts in texture. The prawns were cooked really well, I find that seafood is something where if you overcook it just a tiny bit, it’s all ruined so I really loved how these came out. I noticed that the description for the dish did include chilli and I saw them when I was eating the prawns but I didn’t really notice much spiciness when I was munching away which was a welcome surprise because I don’t handle chilli particularly well. I actually really enjoyed this dish, was slightly saltier by itself but with a little bit of bread or even rice, it would have been perfect!

On to our next tapas, the Chorizo cassoulet ($16) with white beans and 62ºC egg. The 62ºC egg sold this dish for me, I’m a big fan of anything degree eggs, I’ve seen 62, 63, 64 and I’m pretty sure 65 too, not sure what’s the best, they all taste pretty good to me. For me, as long as the egg white is as soft and gooey as a poached egg’s yolk then I’m going to be pretty happy with the outcome. I’ve never really been a fan of egg whites, I’ve always been a yolk sort of person but when the whites are like this, I’ll eat it all up! But less talk about the egg, which was perfect by the way. The sausages were lovely with a bit of spiciness and were springy when you bit into it, great chorizo. There were white beans floating here and there, bring a little bit of mildness and starchiness to the whole dish. To top it all off, the sausages and gooey egg was floating in a flavoursome, rich and strong tomato sauce, this went perfectly with the complimentary bread that you get and made me really appreciate the white beans.


Here is a shot of the gooey and delicious 62ºC egg yolk, I absolutely love poached eggs or these water bath cooked eggs. The only reason I use to eat fried eggs as a kid was because I absolutely loved how runny egg yolk tasted and my parents didn’t really know what poached eggs were, we had scrambled, boiled, omelette, sunnyside up but never poached and I guess, I’ve never ever seen it in Asian cooking, even now. Luckily for me, I can now have all the gooey yolk I want, without all the oily badness of a sunny side up! I guess its not all bad growing up!


Finally, the Chicken liver pate ($16) pomegranate gel and toasted brioche. This was interesting, it had a super strong meaty and smokey flavour to it. It was super rich, quite savoury and extremely flavoursome. The pomegranate gel was a great addition, bringing some much needed sweetness and sourness to compliment and attempt to balance out the fatty richness of the pate. The toasted brioche was really delicious but I probably would’ve preferred normal bread here as the richness of the brioche probably didn’t do the pate any favours. Parlour Wine Room was extremely generous on the pate, there was just so much of it, which was great but it would have been nice if we got more bread! I realised early on I’d have to be piling on the pate for each bite of bread I took and it really just didn’t work eating it that way, so I ended up with no bread and a lot of pate left over. Sadly, because it was so strong, we found it hard to eat the pate by itself. Next time, I might try requesting for extra bread and seeing what happens, either that or I’d hoard complimentary bread you get at the start.

Oh, I noticed that I actually haven’t included an image of the complimentary bread, even thought I mentioned it just before. Unfortunately, as I was using my phone and the bread came on a dark brown plank, none of my images looked at all decent so I opted to leave it out. It was fantastic though (as far as free bread goes) and I managed to get a picture of it when I went back recently with my camera in tow. I’m lazy so I haven’t written that up, but at some point in the future there will be a post on Parlour Wine Room’s other delicious offerings aka their $16 lunch special.

Awesome meal all round at Parlour Wine Room, it’s definitely on my list of places to hit up regularly in Canberra or places to take my Sydney friends!

Oh side note, the prices that I included with each menu item is Parlour Wine Rooms standard price for these dishes. Under the two for one offer, you get cheaper dish free.

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