LP’s Quality Meats, Chippendale

I’ve always really liked food but going out and exploring new and awesome places is quite a new thing for me, I only really started this since coming to Canberra. I guess it makes sense, in uni I just ate whatever was cheap and convenient, which was sad because I didn’t know it at the time, but man was I in a prime location to try some fantastic restaurants scattered throughout the city as well as all those hipster places in Surry Hills. Now, whenever I’m down in Sydney, all my time is spent visiting family or catching up with friends so there is barely any time for food adventures. Recently I realised I know Melbourne food places way better than Sydney ones and it’s just a bit embarrassing because I grew up here and, well, probably should know those kinds of things. Hence, I decided to visit Sydney, as a tourist! Over the Canberra long weekends (we get two more public holidays then Sydney: Canberra Day and Family & Community Day, a week before the Labor long weekends, its fantastic) I headed up, booked a hotel and visited all the places that I’ve been meaning to over the last year or so. So here we go, five full days of food adventures in Sydney.

The first place I’m writing about it LP’s Quality Meats in Chippendale, it wasn’t the first place I visited but it was easily one of my favourite places I visited and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I don’t know when this place opened, but it must be pretty recent because I’ve been seeing it a lot in media, I remember reading broadsheet and they mentioned that Luke Powell, chef from Tetsuya’s and Mary’s left to open this place up, and I’m pretty happy he did it. LP’s Quality Meats was honestly something I kind of stumbled upon, we had lunch at Central Park where Autolyse, Ippudo and what not are, and I mentioned to Ouk that this place is really close by and described it’s meatyness to him. He was ecstatic, and pretty much demanded we eat there. It was pretty strange actually finding this place, you just kind of walk through houses, units and apartments and then you’ll hit a glass door. There’s no sign, nothing to tell you that you’ve finally arrived at LP’s Quality Meats, so keep an eye out if you’re in the area. For us there was a guide just standing outside wearing an apron and a hat. As we approach he greeted us to LP’s. However, on our way out, we noticed that there was no one outside, so because of this we’ve provided a handy picture of the door!

Alrighty, I think that’s all the chit chat I wanted to do, onwards to the very awesome food at LP’s.

First up, some cold cut Bierwurst ($12). We honestly didn’t really know what to get here at LP’s, all the cold cuts had names that didn’t really ring any bells and we didn’t want to sit there googling stuff all day, so we asked the server what he recommended and he said the Bierwurst was pork with a bit of beef smashed into it. We couldn’t resist that description! It came out on this massive metal sheet pan and was sliced paper thin with some really cool additions to round it all out. There was thick cut sourdough, a pickled jalapeno, olives and a fairly strong American mustard. The Bierwurst itself tasted fantastic, it had little chunks of peppercorn all the way through it and each bite gave a good kick which meshed really well with the smokiness that permeated the meat. The flavours went really nicely with the fresh bread and well, I’m not sure how I was meant to eat the olives but I was just biting into them between slices of Bierwurst, I enjoyed it to say the least!

Next up, Anchovy bread ($5). This was the smallest and lightest thing on LP’s menu and I guess this way, we can say we’ve tried a bit of everything. I normally don’t really care for anchovy, I don’t hate it but I never really understood people who love it. Its just a small salty fish. Ouk on the other hand, seems to love anchovies because he was really keen to get this and I’m really happy he did because the one at LP’s is amazing! It’s completely tiny (don’t let the close up fool you) but it’s just this little nugget of joy, that took me completely by surprise. This dish was clearly well thought out because there were really strong flavours at play here, and LP’s balanced them so perfectly to make this dish really enjoyable. The anchovy was indeed salty and a bit slimy from the oil but not in a bad way. The saltiness worked perfectly with the generous amount of creamy sauce which I honestly don’t even know what it is. The bread was just a simple bit of white bread but it was toasted throughout and completely crunchy. The crunchiness of the bread and the soft and moist anchovy and sauce just went hand in hand making this little bite size treat perfect. The dill was also a nice addition. If you don’t hate seafood this is definitely worth getting. It’s a lovely little treat and gives you a break from all the meat, not that you want one but breaks are always good right?

Moving onto the Beef short ribs ($32). Now I’ve eaten a lot of food, I’ve travelled to Texas and I’ve eaten ribs there but I’ll say this right now, this is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. This dish by itself makes LP’s Quality Meats one of my favourite eats of all time. It came with three sauces but I honestly couldn’t even tell you what they were because they were unnecessary. The short rib itself was huge, and when it came out I was salivating, it’s just one massive rib with a big slab of meat attached to it. The skin was beautifully charred and had this amazing concentration of BBQ flavours but the meat was just incredibly tender. That cut in the picture below? I did that with a fork, that’s how tender this thing is, and all that fat running through the entirety of the meat caused it to just melt away in your mouth. Absolutely amazing. I should mention that this is an incredibly rich dish, and I don’t recommend tackling it alone. We got barely a 3rd of the way through before we had to take it away because it got too much for us. But hey! They do take-away!

Above is a cut shot of the beef short rib, as mentioned before, it’s not a super clean cut because I did that with a fork! Look at how there’s all these little pieces of meat ripping away. I’m not ashamed to say I started picking chunks up with my hand and just pulling them apart because it seemed fun to do so. All the little strands of flesh were held loosely together by gooey fat running through it and every time you cut into it, the baking paper under the dish would get soaked with the glorious juices coming from this short rib. This is a really rich, flavourful dish and I cannot recommend it enough!

The one thing that allowed me to keep going with that beef short rib was the Mashed potato and gravy ($10). The mash potato was super rich, soft and buttery. It was like LP’s used their fatty run off from their different grill plates to make the gravy because it’s super meaty in flavour and absolutely fantastic. If any of you have ever had the mash over at Mary’s in Newtown, this is pretty similar, which is a great thing because it’s wonderful. I never thought I’d really be gushing about mashed potatoes but seriously, these are probably one of the best I’ve ever had, plus there’s a very generous amount of pepper to give it a really nice kick. If I lived in Chippendale, I would probably be getting LP’s mashed potato and gravy every day. However, if I did I would probably be massive in a couple of weeks, or more massive. Delicious but definitely a sometimes food or treat. Look at that potato. Its yellow! Just imagine the richness from that. I’m sure you can!

Finally, we grabbed a drink. LP’s Quality Meat had a pretty extensive drinks list so I felt like I had to get something to try. I can’t quite remember what this drink was called or how much is cost which is really embarrassing because I ate it not long ago at all, but what can you do. This is the one with the beet reduction. When I was looking at the menu and ordering my drink, I thought this had a beer reduction and thought that’s funky and decided to get it. When it arrived it tasted absolutely nothing like beer, it tasted like beetroot, then I had the ahhh! moment. Not what I was expecting but still a great little drink. It was nicely balanced. There wasn’t a strong alcoholic after taste to it. It had a mild sweetness to it from the beetroot and a bit of a berry flavour to it. There was plenty of froth but is always a big plus. I like egg white foam on cocktails, kind of reminds me of a milkshake or coffee foam.

Here is a shot of LP’s Quality Meats entrance, as you can see, no sign, or indication that an absolutely amazing restaurant is sitting there waiting for you inside. So if you’re in the area, keep an eye out for any brown doors with windows, because it might be LP’s! I’m really happy we decided to stop by at LP’s, we didn’t really get to try much because we hadn’t planned on eating here but everything that we did have was amazing and checking it out allowed me to at least develop some memories that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. Yeah. I like meat a bit too much I think.

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