The Spit Shack, Pialligo

I’ve been seeing and hearing some pretty awesome things about this place for some time now. Yet, until now I haven’t had the chance to head down. I think there are a couple reasons for it. 1. I completely forgot about it for a while. 2. I always thought Pialligo was pretty far away, something about what the area sells and does. Like Pod Food and the Mount Majura Winery. Whenever I think winery, I think far away, just something about the whole concept of wines. So this time we figured ok screw it, we’re setting a day aside for this, and loaded it up in the GPS. 11 minutes later we were pulling into the Spit Shack, so, I guess there’s a lesson there, but I’m not sure what it is. Pialligo only about five minutes from the city and right behind the airport in case anyone was wondering. It wasn’t very hard finding The Spit Shack either, its the first thing you see when you drive down the road. We got there about 30 minutes before closing, so while there was a massive spit, it was fully cleaned up instead of housing a lovely pig or lamb rotating inside it, sad to miss out on that visual feast, but I’ll definitely check this out again because it was freaking fantastic.

The Spit Shack was a bit of an impulse decision today, originally we were planning to head over to Gungahlin for some awesome pork rolls from Saigon Fresh and then a quick trip to the Belconnen Markets for some discounted goodies. After seeing someone post an image of their pork roll from The Spit Shack, I knew I wanted one and decided to make the trek out there. It really is just a shack on the side of the road, surrounded by lovely farms and plants. Really rustic vibe. It also had a really simple menu, there was only four menu options: the lamb and pork rolls, the Cevapcici roll and an egg and bacon roll which included three eggs! After much deliberation, we settled on the Cevapcici and the pork roll. They didn’t have any lamb left, so it looks like I’ll be heading over next weekend for some more BBQ meats.

While I waited for my Cevapcici to be cooked, people came and went. Considering how out of the way this place was, it was going off right up to 3PM! People were rushing over to get their fix of this goodness. Anyways, enough of that, lets talk about the rolls.

Our first roll from The Spit Shack, the Roast pork roll ($12.90), roast pork from the spit in a foot long roll. The Spit Shack has quite a few sauces, some the real traditional ones as well as some crazy ones, these included apple sauce, BBQ, tomato, ajvar sauce and their house made secret recipe gravy! Of course, we ended up with the gravy in our pork roll, gotta stick to the classic, and well, if someone comes up to you and tells you we have 6 sauces, and one of them is housemade secret recipe, what are you going to do? Inspired choice that gravy, because I cannot imagine any of the other sauces doing a better job of making this pork roll as amazing as it was.

This is probably the best roast pork roll I’ve had in Canberra or even ever, it was that good! For one, it was absolutely massive, I can see why this place is such a hit. For a shade under $13 you get a full lunch, not sure if the picture does it justice, but it’s really a huge roll that made dinner an optional meal. Of course, it wasn’t just the size that made it amazing, It tasted amazing too. The meat was super tender and heavily flavoured and moist. A lot of places you get roast roll, you’ll get tough harsh pork with tiny strips of fat along it, all shredded up. Nothing like that here, each chunk of pork had a big piece of fat along with it, that just made each bite wonderful. I should mention, I asked and unfortunately they ran out of pork crackling for the day, so what does this mean? It means they normally give out pork crackling! So next time I’m getting here early!

I’m not sure if the picture shows this, but the wrapping paper was soaked, they clearly did not skimp out on their wonderful gravy. I definitely can’t really do it justice with normal words, but it was just wonderful, you really have to try it. There wasn’t a single spot of this roll that got to dry or boring, it was just flavour left, right and centre. I loved this, and so should you. Unless you don’t eat pork. If you don’t eat pork I probably wouldn’t recommend this to you.

This roll really makes me wonder how good the lamb and bacon and egg roll is going to be! I really hope their lamb roll is good because I have yet to find a well done spit roasted lamb in Canberra so far and I’ve been hankering for one for awhile now, so I’m hoping that The Spit Shack can be my lamb saviour and really make its mark on Canberra here. I’m absolutely salivating at the prospect of trying these other dishes, so get ready for another post on this place, I’m just sitting here waiting for next week to happen already.

Our second and final roll, the Cevapcici roll ($12.90), gourmet skinless sausages with an ajvar sauce (paprika) and onions. This was a tasty roll, quite different to the pork roll and anything else I’ve had and still very enjoyable. This roll comes with a suggestion of red onions and ajvar sauce, though they’re both optional. I thought about keeping it consistent and decided to go with what they suggested. Out of the two I probably prefer the pork roll, but in hindsight I’m just a huge gravy fiend. I couldn’t help but keep thinking “man if this was gravy i’d be in heaven”. I’m sure other people will love this roll because not everyone is just an animal for gravy, but I definitely am. For me, next time I’m going to try this roll without the onions and with the gravy sauce, I can see it being just as amazing as the pork roll already.

The sausages on this roll were brilliant. They were cooked perfectly with a nice little bit of bite to them. They were heavily spiced and seasoned in a beautiful Mediterranean style, though I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the ajvar sauce, according to the The Spit Shacks menu, apparently its a paprika sauce but when I Googled it, its meant to be a roasted capsicum and eggplant relish. I can kind of see why I didn’t love it now, I’ve never been a massive fan of capsicum, I’m not sure if The Spit Shack had a lot, or if any capsicum in theirs but I’m going to assume there would’ve been some. It actually tasted a lot like tomato and had a bit of spice to it, enough to give the roll a little bit of a kick. The raw onions were nice, in their own way, adding more of that Greek, Mediterranean edge. Personally, a little too much for me but I’m just a hopeless girl who doesn’t liked raw onions. I can see heaps of people loving it. Overall, still a very tasty and interesting roll.

Oh I must add, I know these images don’t look great and I’m going to chalk that up to the fact that it’s a log of bread with chumped up bits of meat in it, they’re not going to be a hipsters delight. If you can appreciate the beauty in something like this, then you are a wo/man after my own heart, the rest of you, try it! These taste way better than any fancy schmancy dish that photographs well. If you love meat or spits, roast and what nots. You’ve got to try this place out!

The rolls are The Spit Shack were absolutely amazing. The meat was delicious and the rolls were absolutely massive, both of our rolls were a foot long. I absolutely cannot believe I’ve waited this long to try this out but boy am I glad that I’ve finally discovered it. This is definitely going to become a regular weekend lunch joint. I really wish the opening hours were better, (for me at least) but I’m sure it works great for the people in the area. The Spit Shack is open seven days a week from 6.30AM to 3PM. Plus, I think they also have one of their food trucks out in Bungendore or Braidwood. Pretty awesome! Absolutely cannot wait to come back to try out that lamb roll, that amazing sounding egg and bacon roll and to see some spit cooking in action. I will of course be hitting this place up in a week or two, hopefully a little earlier then 2.30PM but I can’t promise anything what with sleep and all. I must add, right till 3PM, they still had roast pork, so not bad for us later risers.

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  1. My boyfriend and I came across Spit Shack accidentally last week when we went to buy some plants! I saw the big pig on the sign on the way in and said ‘We are going there. Now.’ We shared the pork roll, and as suggested by the lady at the counter, added gravy, apple, and ‘crack.’ The crackling definitely added another dimension to the sandwich. I should add that while I was there for the pork, they had already run out of lamb by noon on a Sunday. So definitely have to head back for that and for the sausage sandwich, which sounds great!

    1. Hey Jenerally Eating,

      Its so good isn’t it!! I can’t wait to go back to The Spit Shack this weekend to try out more of their rolls especially the lamb roll and the crackling topping, unfortunately when we were there they had ran out of crackling. Looks like the lamb is really popular, thanks for the heads up, we’ll have to head out before lunch this time. Thanks!

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