Flute Bakery, Fyshwick

I absolutely love Flute Bakery, every time I have some time off from work, I’ll make a point of ensuring that I get down to Fyshwick and hoard as many cakes from Flute Bakery as possible. I love the cakes they make, they’re always super delicious, tasty and somehow also keep pretty well too. The only thing that annoys me about Flute Bakery is the limited opening hours! 10AM – 3PM on weekdays only really makes it hard for anyone outside of the Fyshwick area! Or bogans. But its so totally worth it, I believe that it’s probably the best of it’s kind here in Canberra and it also beats a lot of places in Sydney. I mean I like Adriano Zumbo as much as the next person but Flute Bakery is just always so consistent, every cake you get is so damn good.

So on my most recent trip, I managed to snag four cakes to take home! I also managed to finish them without them going off! Score! I really thought the cakes would be done within a day or too, I had plenty of other sweets to work through as well, like Mr Frugii’s awesome beer ice cream, so this was definitely a danger but these cakes somehow pulled through! I could rave about this place for days, maybe I should just get onto the food talk.

First up, the Dulce de leche cheesecake ($7). This cake was delicious! The cheesecake section at the bottom was really strong and cheesy giving every bite that lovely tangy sensation. When you first bite into this all you can taste is the cheese but as it melts in your mouth you can feel the mild creaminess and a lovely burnt caramel flavour. It was a bit like eating the crystallised top section of a creme brulee. The strong flavours of the cheesecake and the tanginess that it brought to every bite was countered with the lovely sweet hazelnut macaron and two plump profiteroles filled with creamy, sweet and oozing dulce de leche. This was all supported by a perfect crumbly and buttery tart base that brought all the flavours together. This is something that you kind of needed to ensure that you’d get a little bit of everything with each bite, but man was it worth it.

For our second cake, we grabbed a Salted caramel profiterole tart ($7). This cake was awesome! The profiteroles were perfectly baked, a bit of crispiness on the outside, soft and filled with delicious hazelnut mousse on the inside. I honestly tend to find, when you get cakes like this, the profiteroles always kind of suck. They’re either not crispy on the outside, or they’re just terribly dense on the inside. These were not so, the crew at Fluke Bakery get it right every time and all three of these were absolutely perfect! The profiteroles were drizzled with a creamy caramel sauce and crunchy candied nuts. Underneath the profiteroles there was a white chocolate mousse with a thick layer of salted caramel at the base. This deliciousness was encased in a buttery tart.

The whole cake just came together so well, the profiteroles were quite mild in flavour but they were filled with strong hazelnut mousse that had just enough sweetness to it to keep things interesting, this was topped up with the creaminess from the caramel sauce and crunchiness from the candied nuts. The white chocolate mousse tasted amazing with a lot of sweetness to it, this was balanced off by the salted caramel which also brought a lot of flavour to the cake and tart. Amazing all round.

For our next cake, we grabbed the Cheesecake with fresh berries ($7). I actually had no idea this was a cheesecake, it was pretty late in the afternoon so some of the labels in Flute Bakery’s cabinet were missing. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this if I knew it was a cheesecake seeing as my next cake (below) was also cheesecake! That or I would have gotten the mousse version of the below cake which was also available. Taste wise, this cake was really nice. It was just a simple and basic cheesecake all the way through with a thin biscuit crumb base and some fresh berries on top. The cheesecake portion was super strong and very cheesy with not much sweetness to it. This was paired with a very thin biscuit crumb which was also quiet mild. This mildness was balanced and sweetened by the fresh berries which brought fruity flavours and sweetness to the overall cake. Overall the cake was really nice and I really enjoyed it but…well, it was kind of just a cheesecake. It’s hard to get as excited for this as the above cakes from Flute Bakery because as good as cheesecakes can get, and I do love a good one, there’s just something to be said for having a cake with a bunch of balls on top of it.

My last cake from Flute Bakery was the Blueberry cheesecake ($7). I actually wasn’t going to go with this one originally, in the display cabinet they had two cakes that almost looked identical except for those orange blobs being a different colour. After talking to the staff at Flute Bakery, I was told that this one was cheesecake while the other one was mousse. I decided to go with something different and got the cheesecake as a lot of my past cakes from Flute Bakery have been mousse based. Outside of the fact that the above cake was a cheesecake as well this was super yummy. The cake was mostly made up of a fluffy white chocolate cheesecake with a thin white chocolate shell on the outside. The cheesecake was quite mild, tasted a lot more like white chocolate than cheesy. It was super light and airy and just sweet enough to be delicious but not overwhelming. Inside there was a layer of fluffy vanilla sponge cake and a small amount of really strong blueberry cheesecake. This part was really cheesy and quite tarty too which worked really well with the mildness of the outer layers. I loved how intricate and detailed this cake was, a lot of flavours at play here, and I definitely appreciated the effort!

For our one savoury treat, we grabbed a Red wine beef pie ($5.50). Well we think it was a red wine beef pie. By the time we got to Flute Bakery there were only two pie flavours left, red wine and curried beef. We went for the red wine pie since we just prefer standard beefiness when it comes to pies. When we started eating the pie, we thought it was absolutely amazing but we couldn’t actually tell if it was a strange tasting red wine pie or a nice and mild beef curry pie. Whatever it was, it tasted pretty damn amazing! If it was a curry beef pie then it was great, it was mild and really beefy and only had a mild curry aftertaste to it which wasn’t too overwhelming at all. Flute Bakery also used relatively small, but still chunks of beef in their pies which is different to either the mince pies or really chunky pies that you normally get and I was surprised that actually worked really well. I’m normally really partial to the huge chunks of beef, but in hindsight it makes things a bit too dry, and this pie hit a perfect middle ground. But the best part of the pie was the pastry, it was super flakey, really buttery in taste and just melted in your mouth.

I absolutely loved this pie from Flute Bakery, I had another couple of pies pretty much right afterwards from a couple of other shops around Fyshwick (pie safari!). I’m not going to name any names but they were no where near as good as the pies at Flute Bakery, Flute’s pies pretty much blew them all out of the water.

I absolutely love Flute Bakery, everything is just so delicious, I have heard some bad things about their service but I can’t say I’ve experienced any of it myself. I guess I’ve never really eaten in either, I mainly just grabbed a whole bunch of things and take them somewhere else to eat, mainly home. As much as I absolutely love Flute’s baked goodies, I really wish they had better opening hours, 10am to 3pm on weekdays is really difficulty for anyone outside of the Fyshwick area. I only ever get to visist Flute Bakery when I have a day off from work. (PS Flute is closed on public holidays too). Oh on a side note, if anyone even reads all the way to here, Flute Bakery doesn’t take card, cash only. I guess when your goodies aare this good, you can compromise on customer service. (Not that I advocate that behaviour in anyway, customer service is king or queen!)

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