The Rum Bar, Kingston

About a month or so ago, I finally got the chance to head out to The Rum Bar on the Kingston Foreshore. I’ve always wanted to try it out but I never found the right circumstances, until now. I had to organise a quick catch up where the sole goal was to talk about bespoke suits and for some reason The Rum Bar screamed out to me as the most appropriate location to have such a chat, I mean, come on, RUM BAR.

We heeded out on a Thursday night, the weather was lovely, the sun was just setting and there were quite a few people at The Rum Bar, but it wasn’t packed by any means but I imagine this isn’t the case anymore with summer in full swing. I must add, I really like that The Rum Bar has one to two really big tables for large groups, its always nice to know that there are some awesome and nice places to grab a drink or two and a bite to eat when you’re with a big group of people.

The Rum Bar has a tapas menu full of treats to share with a couple of people, okay three people to be exact. Both our arancini and sliders came in sets of three. During this trip to The Rum Bar, I managed to grab a couple of treats, all of which were really amazing. I saw a couple of others things I definitely want to come back to try, like the eggplant chips, buffalo wings and orange espresso creme brulee. Outside of The Rum Bar’s goodies, I’m sure they’re also famous for their wines and fancy cocktails. I didn’t grab any but they’re there. For the cocktails, I noticed that they had quite a few of the much loved classics as well as some more interesting house made concoctions.

Alrightie, time for some food talk.

First up the Arancini balls ($14), pistachio crusted roast pumpkin and wild mushroom arancini balls served with a sweet tomato relish. As you can see, the arancini comes on a stone plank in a serving of three and you can see they’re fairly pretty looking, which is always positive! I can also gladly say, they were as pleasant on the taste buds as they were on the eyes. Even those in our group who are total meat lovers enjoyed these vegetarian arancini balls. Each ball was bursting with flavours from the pumpkin and mushrooms, there was also a piece of goats cheese in the centre of each ball, adding some edge and creaminess to the arancinis. The texture was also great, super crispy on the outside and perfectly soft with a little bit of chewiness from the cheese on the inside. It’s a bit surprising to say, but these were probably the highlight of the night.

I probably shouldn’t have said that, because logically, it’s kind of all downhill from here. Oh well.

Our second set of tapas for the night was the BBQ beef short ribs slider ($18), BBQ marinated beef short ribs served on mint brioche buns with apple cider slaw and jack cheese. This again came out on a stone plank, in a serving of three. This one was probably the prettiest dish we got. There is something about burgers that is just really cool looking to me! Then you take them and make them mini?! Well you can see where this is going. Of the three sliders, there was one that was absolutely spewing with beef short rib meat which was awesome but not very photogenic, so I went with a more standard looking one. The beef in these sliders were extremely tender and felt like they were stripped off, mashed up and covered in a BBQ sauce concoction because they were quite sweet, saucy, and really flavoursome. The coleslaw added a lot of sourness, which I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of, but I’m starting to realise that X + coleslaw in a mini slider seems to be a pretty common thing now, so I’ll just enjoy the ride. The meat though, was just fantastic and made this slider definitely worth trying.

Next up, the Baked wheel of brie ($10) infused with rosemary with a side of caramelised garlic and white wine served with house made bread. I can be a terribly cheese eater, if I’m alone, there are times where I’ll just eat the centre of a brie and avoid the wax skin. Yes, all you real cheeser’s should recoil in fear. This made me a little nervous when ordering this baked brie. I was not quite sure how much I would like or enjoy it. I’m glad to say (as I’ve done multiple times in the past) that I was completely wrong about having any doubts here, this was delicious and my second favourite dish of the night! I’m not sure if The Rum Bar removed the wax but I definitely couldn’t taste or feel any as I was getting into it. The whole wheel was so soft and the flavour was so strong with the addition of rosemary really coming through.

Here is a close up of the wheel of brie. With this amazing brie there was also a of pot caramelised garlic and some crispy thinly sliced breads. The garlic was really nice, sweet and went perfectly with the savoury and rich cheese. To top it all off, the bread added all the crispness that you needed. In one bite size, there was just so much flavour and so many contrasting textures as well. I should probably explain this more, it’s honestly kind of…soupy? The baked cheese is baked so much that it loses any kind of structural integrity and is just this, thick goo. It’s also incredibly hot, so I wouldn’t try and put my finger in there or anything. The bread crackers were also really important, the cheese was just way too rich to have on its own and towards the end, so the bread really helped to balance it out. You don’t get a massive amount of bread so it’s quite important to ration the bread as much as possible.

If there is one thing on The Rum Bar’s menu that everyone has got to try, this is it. Even if you were only there for drinks, definitely share this with some friends or something because did it something that should not be missed, for anyone! Unless you’re allergic to cheese or something, if so maybe avoid this. Oh, though a slight word of warning, probably not the best dish for just one person. As delicious as it is, its actually quite rich, so it could get quite sickening but I shared this with two other people and by the time I was done, I didn’t really want much more. It was absolutely delicious, but yeah, very rich.

Our final dish for the night was the Kickin Kraken chicken ($16) Southern fried buttermilk chicken breast with a Kraken spiced rum dipping sauce. With the opening of Smoque, and discovering B-One in Civic, I’ve kind of had a lot of fried chicken recently, this is in addition to my copious amounts of KFC but that’s probably not too relevant. In any case, when I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to have it, because I just love fried chicken wherever I can get it! This chicken had a wonderful texture, really crunchy with fantastic skin. The flesh inside was really juicy as well, this chicken was definitely cooked just right, not too long at all, which I understand isn’t really easy to do with chicken, so I appreciated that.

The spiced rum dipping sauce was really quite sweet, and we used bits of it but I didn’t really have much of it. More to do with personal preference I should add. I’m just not a huge fan of that whole sweet and savoury thing, most people are, so I’m sure you’ll have a much better time with this sauce than I did. Something I feel I should mention about this chicken was that it was honestly pretty bland. The skin wasn’t heavily spiced or herbed at all, so the whole thing just kind of tasted entirely like chicken. Pure, unchanged chicken. It wasn’t bad by any means but it just wasn’t what I was expecting, considering how much I loved the other dishes at The Rum Bar. This chicken was the dish I liked the least out of what we ordered, I imagine if I liked the sauce, I would’ve loved this dish a lot more.

I’m pretty annoyed I didn’t try out The Rum Bar until now. Everything we had was pretty damn delicious (minus the chicken but thats just one off) and the other goodies we didn’t try looked really appealing too. I will definitely have to come back very soon to try some of the other treats as well as the cocktails which looked pretty fantastic. I’m not much of a wine person, so I don’t know if the selection was good but the wine list looked quite extensive. Anyways, I can see this being a pretty regular spot for us over summer this year.

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