The Vogue Cafe, Macquarie Park

Ever since I saw a review of The Vogue Cafe on Drool Worthy World early last year, I’ve been really keen to try it out but sadly its all the way in Macquarie Centre which is just too far out of the way for me to ever really consider. Plus, whenever I travel up, I only really have a day or two in Sydney and god, it’s just hell travelling around Sydney isn’t it? From my place to Macquarie Centre is an hour and a half almost, I just couldn’t handle that. That of course, was until the other day! While working up in Sydney over the Christmas and New Year break, we kind of got suckered into all the hype and wanted to go check out the H&M and Forever 21 and decided to go make a day of it. I quite like H&M, I’ve been there once or twice in Europe and the styles, prices and quality were all decent, so we were quite excited when they decided to open up a store in Sydney.

While getting all that shopping done, which I probably won’t go into here since it’s boring (I bought stuff), we planned to hit up The Vogue Cafe, and I must say, finding this cafe was a total challenge.

Macquarie Centre is so confusing! Why on earth are there upper and lower levels that are differentiated only by a tiny ramp!? Seriously, you’d be walking around level 3, then 50 metres (and a tiny ramp) later you’d be on level 3 upper, or level 3 lower, or whatever. It was insane! Never seen so many people standing in front of those lovely giant maps. Anyway, you won’t find The Vogue Cafe in the middle of a food court or in other populated areas that you would assume to look (we tried). This quirky little cafe is hidden away off to a corner on level two. To be a little more specific and to save anyone else like us who has only ever been to Macquarie Centre once or twice before, The Vogue Cafe can be found to the left of Myer. So if you get to level two and see Myer, head to the corridor that leads you out to the car park. The Vogue Cafe is the last store in that corridor. Without knowing where to look this place is almost impossible to find but it’s such a wonderful cafe that more of the world needs to know about it, especially for the tasty and adorable drinks! There is also all day breakfast which is a massive plus.

I normally don’t care much for decor and “experience” but The Vogue Cafe is just adorable, I couldn’t help but take a couple of pictures of their store. The Vogue Cafe has plenty of seating indoors with tables, benches and coaches for both small and larger groups as well as some outdoor seating that makes you feel like you’re sitting inside a garden not a shopping centre! I also noticed that The Vogue Cafe has really revamped the store. Looking at a couple of posts from about six months or so, The Vogue Cafe looked a lot more quaint, very homely and somewhat makeshift. As cool as that is and as unpretentious as it made them, this new look and feel definitely makes The Vogue Cafe a lot more vibrant and colourful.

The main reason I came to The Vogue Cafe was to try out the very adorable drinks but after seeing that they did an all day breakfast, I had to get something even though we were really full. The menu at The Vogue Cafe comprises mostly of breakfast items with a handful of salads, pastas and lunch dishes as well. The food seemed very basic and sadly wasn’t as exciting as their drinks. Nevertheless still relatively affordable and quite tasty.

Alrightie, lets talk about the food and drinks.

For our one food dish, we grabbed a Bacon and egg baguette ($8). This was definitely tasty for what it was. There was a generous amount of super crispy bacon with a thick strip of fatty goodness. In top of this there was a perfect and yolky sunny side up egg and a choice of tomato or barbecue sauce. We of course opted for BBQ sauce for some extra smokiness. The base was a slightly toasted baguette which made it nice and crispy, plus plenty of buttery goodness for that extra bit of creaminess. As you can see, there is nothing too special about this bacon and egg baguette, especially compared to their drinks but more about that later. This was tasty but basic. Having had that said, the bacon and egg baguette was done well with each element pretty spot on. Plus since it was Christmas they jazzed it up a little bit with the sauce in the shape of a Christmas three with a star on top. I can’t really express how much I loved that. I really liked it. It’s a TREE.

Of course the most exciting part of this trip were the drinks at The Vogue Cafe, first up the Strawnella thickshake ($8.50), strawberry and nutella thickshake with Christmas themed toppings. This was one of the daily specials at The Vogue Cafe and it sounded really weird at first, so we weren’t going to get it. The idea of strawberry and nutella kind of weirded me out but I tend to find chocolate and peanut butter thickshake (the only other shake besides their Infamous nutella which we got below) a little too rich and overwhelming, so after freaking out a bit, I opted for this in the end. I must say my scepticism completely vanished once I took a sip. I loved this drink compared to their Infamous nutella shake (that we also got). This tasted like a Ferrero Roche in drink form with the fruitiness and sourness of the strawberry balancing perfectly with the nutella. The strawberry helped to take the edge away from the strong chocolate flavour of nutella, leaving you with all the hazelnut goodness. The thickshake had plenty of flavour and richness to it while still having a totally refreshing effect. The perfect combination for summer.

Since it was Christmas they changed their famous toppings to fit the festive season with green cream, red and green gummy lollies and a lamington chocolate ‘snow’ rim. This is what caught my eye and made me want to visit The Vogue Cafe in the first place! These toppings are absolutely adorable adding plenty of colour and fun to the drinks. It’s so cool and reminds me of those crazy bloody mary’s you can get in America (with chicken and burgers popping out of them). These toppings weren’t just for aesthetics as well, they actually added to the flavour of the drink as well. The green cream added plenty of creaminess to the drink and also helped to lighten the strong flavour of the chocolate while the chocolate and coconut edge add some extra bits of sweetness here and there. I know it sounds a little contradictory but being able to pick and choose when you’d be hit by sweetness is a lot nicer than having overwhelming sweetness throughout the whole shake.

Next up, the Infamous nutella thickshake ($8). This is a part of The Vogue Cafe’s standard menu along with a peanut butter shake. I definitely preferred the strawnella thickshake over this one but I can see the appeal of this drink especially for anyone who loves all things chocolate. I guess the drink didn’t lie, it tasted pretty much like nutella in liquid form with its strong chocolate flavour with under tones of hazelnut. I found that once we mixed in the green cream, it did help make the drink a lot more enjoyable. The cream really lightened and balanced out the strong initial strong chocolate flavours.

Like with the first drink this one also came with awesome toppings. I actually liked these standard toppings much more than the Christmas themed one. Instead of pure gummys, there was a lovely ring of real hazelnuts which added nuttiness and crunch to the drink. I also loved the sour worms and chocolate topped cone with sprinkles and licorice bits.

I noticed that on The Vogue Cafe’s menu, only the shakes mention that you get a chocolate rim and various toppings, while some of the other drinks mention a sugar rim. I wasn’t 100% sure and wanted to make sure that I got my hands on these pretty and awesome drinks so played it safe. However, when visiting Urbanspoon to write this post I noticed that other people got juices or smoothies with these candy toppings as well. After how great this was, I’m going to have to come back and try something more fruity and report back.

I love the drinks at The Vogue Cafe so much (the food was pretty nice too), I mean as I’m typing this out I’m thinking about my next trek up north already. Two changes and a 1hr 30min trip is still rough but, some things can be worth it, it’s just too good. Plus, I’ve recently discovered that Macquarie Centre is actually a really cool shopping centre with plenty of shopping including some higher end stores too. Plus all these new international brands like H&M, Forever 21 and UNIQLO. Plus the food is really improving with Ippudo, Chef’s Gallery, PappaRich and my favourite Australian Reuben of all time, Reuben and Moore! This shopping centre is really shaping up. I remember heading out to Macquarie University for their open day many years ago and checking out these shops, it use to be pretty standard and boring. Now I would actually be happy to be a Macquarie University student if it meant I was in walking distance of this place.

Here is a shot of that outdoor seating area that I was talking about at the start. Its pretty nice isn’t it? It’s all fake, artificial and whatnot but still quite pretty looking. Anyhow, that was my experience at The Vogue Cafe, I definitely enjoyed it and hope to come back in the near future. From my understanding, The Vogue Cafe has some sort of relationship with The Missing Piece Cafe which sits outside UNIQLO. They’re just a small cafe in the middle area, offering baked goodies and coffee. They also seem to do chocolate rimmed drinks but without the cute toppings and I noticed that The Vogue Cafe had their business card in their store and their Instagram account seem to tag each other. I will have to check them out as well in my next visit to Macquarie Centre.

The Vogue Cafe on Urbanspoon


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