Black Star Pastry, Newtown


Okay, its taken me a while but I’ve finally made it. I’ve made it to Black Star Pastry in Newtown and I can now die happy. I’ve tried the one and only strawberry watermelon with rose scented cream cake and boy does it live up to its hype, it truly is such a simple yet delicious cake. I don’t really have an excuse for not trying this out earlier, except for the train system in Sydney so I’m sure I’ll get a pass there, unless of course complaining about Sydney Trains isn’t a thing anymore. I can’t get to Newtown without first travelling from the west to the city and then back out to Newtown and unfortunately, that was just a thing I’m not willing to do. Yup, the worst excuse ever but that’s what has been holding me back, back from all this deliciousness.

So I guess for anyone who hasn’t tried it out yet (I can’t imagine there are many left, I mean even my friends who have no care in the world for food. You know, the people who eat to live as opposed to us who live to eat have managed to try out this cake). I guess this might be of more benefit to my fellow Canberrians. If you’re ever in Sydney and want to try out an amazing cake, check this place out. Its legitimately, to die for!

Alrightie, lets talk about these awesome cakes.


Here you have it, the one and only Strawberry watermelon cake with rose scented cream ($7). One bite was all I needed to understand the fan fare and hype. It’s a cake that lives up to its reputation. Every single bite was a treat on the taste buds and after each bite I wanted more, which lead to me just tearing through this thing. This cake is essentially layers of fruit and cream, so there was no heavy feeling afterwards that tends to come with most other cakes. I probably could safely say, if I got the full cake from Black Star Pastry instead of just a slice, I could probably make a real dent into it and not regret any second of it. This is coming from someone that normally doesn’t even like cakes that much, I’m more of a pastry person. Weird. I absolutely loved this.

So, what made this cake so great? For me, it was how light it was, there wasn’t much baked bits to it at all. There were two layers of quite sweet tasting oats (or something like that), it had a coarse texture to it and came apart easily. That was probably where all the sweetness of the cake came from, the rest of the cake was really fresh and light. There was a whole layer of watermelon which was of course super refreshing and added that delicious watermelon flavour.

If anyone has baked with watermelon before, you’ll know how hard it is, no matter how much watermelon juice or pulp you add to your batter, the end product just never taste like watermelon, there’s normally no taste of watermelon whatsoever usually. The flavour of watermelon is just too mild to come through in cooking and no one wants to use that artificial watermelon flavour (its nice, well I like it but we all know its not real watermelon). Here at Black Star Pastry they found the perfect work around, just stick a whole fresh slice of watermelon into the cake. But they went further, to compliment and enhance the flavour of the watermelon, there were two layers of rose scented cream. The cream added a lovely texture and softness to the cake, while bringing out the flavours of spring and summer, notes and tones of floral, bees buzzing, sun shining, iced lemonades and what not. This would be the perfect pick me up in the middle of a Canberra winter, that’s for sure.

On top of the cake there were plenty of flavoursome strawberry which added to the spring and summer feelings and also added some acidity as well. There was also a sprinkling of pistachio nuts which added some crunchiness to the cake and some nuttiness as well. Together this cake just came together perfectly. I can safely say, I’ve probably never had a cake this good. I will definitely be battling Sydney Trains more often to journey out to Newtown to get more of this goodness. One point I should mention, you can get this takeaway. However, it lasts probably 2-3 hours max, after that it just becomes a gooey creamy mess. Keep this in mind people!


I felt a little bad going to Black Star Pastry and not trying anything else, so I decided to grab an Eton’s mess tart ($5). I can see why the strawberry and watermelon cake is so famous while no one ever talks about the other treats at Black Star Pastry and somehow, I mean that in the best way possible.

This cake wasn’t bad it just wasn’t blow you out of the water good like their watermelon and strawberry cake does. I have no idea what flavour this tart was, I ate the whole thing whilst trying to work it out, unsuccessfully. It was yellow but it wasn’t orange or mango, it could have been a strange mandarin. I normally love mandarin but I find it a little strange when used as a flavour in foods (especially when its been cooked up). I can’t say for sure that’s what this tart was but I’m just okay to assume so for now and let my mind rest in peace.

The toppings on the actual tart was quite nice. There were slices of fresh blood orange which added great flavour, tartness and acidity. There were also bits of meringues which brought some nice texture and crunchiness to the tart. On top of that, there were bits of citrus jellies (I also guess citrus because they’re orange!) Finally, even thought they didn’t taste like anything, I’m always a big fan of flowers. They added lots of colour and liveliness to any dish, treat or dessert. I probably wouldn’t get this again but its a nice contrast to the strawberry and watermelon cake. Plus, I can also say, I’ve tried other things at Black Star Pastry outside of that super duper famous cake, so that means that I’m cultured or something.

Okay, this was an amazing experience. I do seem to gush a lot, and I’m excitable, but hopefully this shows precisely how much I loved this experience, it was absolutely wonderful and completely lived up to the incredible hype. I’m totally adding to the hype now but Black Star Pastry deserves every single amazing review it gets for this delicious cake.

I will definitely be coming back for more, plus I wouldn’t mind trying some other treats as well, I mean the Eton’s Mess was definitely overshadowed by the king cake, but it was by no means a bad cake, and some of the other cakes which they display online sound pretty good too. Thought I must say, I didn’t see any of them there on the day but then again the cakes are kind of spread around the very small store and its completely packed with people, plus lines out the door. I didn’t want to make a big fuss and just ordered my cakes quickly, paid and left to make space for other people since I’m easily swayed by such conditions.

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    1. Hey Missklicious, thanks for reading. Yeah I really liked how the tart looked. However, I reckon some of Black Star Pastry’s other goodies taste way better like the orange cake. After visiting the Newtown store I saw that they opened up a shop in the Powerhouse museum, I may have visited after work a ‘couple’ of times! :p

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