Mister Gee Burger Truck, Haberfield


Over the Easter long weekends, I finally got the chance to try out Mister Gee. I’ve known about this place for a while now and I’ve been wanting to visit since forever but never really got the chance to due to exceptional laziness. This Easter however, I decided enough was enough and trekked out to Haberfield to sample this fine burger in its new home (used to be Burwood). Mister Gee is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 6.30PM until 10PM. However, I’ve heard that they tend to run out of burgers way before 10PM, so we decided to get in early to ensure we got our hands onto some of Mister Gee’s sweet goodness, plus we wanted to beat the lines.

It looks like the word has really gotten out about Mister Gee. We got there exactly four minutes after 6.30PM and the line was already wrapping around the side, there were probably a hundred people already waiting! I don’t normally queue for food but we’d already trekked over 30 minutes through Sydney’s fantastic traffic (along Parramatta Rd) for this and well, I figure it was now or never. So we wriggled our butts over to the end of the line and the waiting game started. After about 15 to 20 minutes or so, Mister Gee finally opened up those sliding doors, another 40 minutes later, we were at the front of the line. So I guess, word of warning, be prepared to wait, if you’re in a rush definitely come back some other time.


The menu at Mister Gee is simple, there is one burger which changes every week or so, one side, chilli cheese fries and one shake, baklava flavour! I don’t think the shake flavour ever changes, well it might in the future but so far it hasn’t. Since I first heard about Mister Gee ages ago, the shake has always been baklava, which isn’t a bad thing but more about that in a second. Mister Gee also sells water and other canned soft drinks.

Over the Easter weekend, the burger on offer at Mister Gee was the Geeism which included a beef patty, oakleaf, tomato, onion, kimchi mayo, bacon and havarti. I think you can opt to bulk up your burger by adding extras like bacon, more meat patties and etc. Sadly for me, there was no veggie or fish option so I procured the services of my sister to sample an additional burger with us.

We decided to grab our goodies and then headed home to pig out on it. Mister Gee is located in a random carparking area with limited outdoor seating. There’s limited lighting and no amenities. That’s what we get for loving food trucks, I guess. So we opted to eat in the comfort of our home.


The Geeism ($10), beef patty, oakleaf, tomato, onion, kimchi mayo, bacon and havarti. The burger comes out lovingly wrapped in foil and I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never had a bad burger that’s come out wrapped in foil. This captures the American feel perfectly, and I think after a long time eating burgers I’ve finally figured out the difference between an American burger and an Australian one.

It’s the bread.

Yeah, that’s it I think. I’m no burger expert, but every time I go to get a burger from a take away, I’m met with dense, sesame seed topped bread thats primary role is to hold up the sauce and meat juices. American style burgers always tend to have softer (potentially steamed) bread that don’t stand up nearly as well to liquid, but generally (in my opinion) take far less away from the flavours of the burger itself. I should note, that I’m not talking about brioche here, no one can geographically categorise a brioche burger, they’re just fancy, they don’t need a home. I’m risking sounding unpatriotic here, but I definitely prefer American style burgers, and if you’re like me, then Mister Gee is a great place for you! Definitely American, definitely delicious. I’ll go into it more below.


The Geeism with extra bacon ($11) beef patty, oakleaf, tomato, onion, kimchi mayo, bacon and havarti. This is the second burger we got, we were offered for $1 extra to add extra bacon to the burger, and of course, we obliged. Who could say no to bacon?!

Anyways, the beef in this burger is marvellous, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and served with the standard tomatoes and lettuce. Havarti cheese is a great choice for a burger, because of its propensity to melt into a goo, as well as its soft creaminess that doesn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients. The bacon here is honestly not required, and I’d have much rather an extra patty if I was given the choice again, the beef is that good. I’ve gone into a bit of detail about the bread in the previous paragraph but I’d at least like to try and overstate how much I prefer buns like this, I love the softness of this bread, and how fluffy it is, without the richness of brioche making it painfully obvious that you’re doing your body a huge disservice. It’s really a great burger, and I can now understand the lines now that I have had it. One word of warning however, it’s not a huge burger, probably about as big as a McChicken maybe. For $10 I wouldn’t call it immense value for money, but it’s still damn delicious, and something you should definitely try at least once, even if you’re cheap and care about that sort of stuff.


I just can’t say no to Chilli cheese fries ($5). Couldn’t just munch on burgers without washing it down with some good old starch. So of course, we grabbed a side of chilli cheese fries. I kind of assumed this had meat on it before I ordered it, I mean chilli cheese fries normally come with actual chilli right?! Well, the chilli cheese fries at Mister Gee’s don’t. Instead, they’ve kind of taken the literal term for chilli. It really is just chips with a chilli sauce all over it, with some melted cheese over the top. Its not bad, its actually great if you dig crispy shoe string fries lathered in creamy cheese with a light chilli flavour. But sadly for me, I was looking for something more American, something with substance. As it stands, they’re decent shoe string fries, and the cheese on them is really quite nice, so you wouldn’t be upset with these at all. Unless of course, you were expecting beef mince and beans in the chilli. In that case you might be a tad upset.


Finally, the Baklava shake ($6). I promise you, Mister Gee’s doesn’t serve half full cups of shakes, it was actually full when we first got it. However, the 30 minute car trip home saw some ‘spills’ (right into my sisters mouth). When I took a sip, I was kind of amazed there was anything left for us by the time we got home to be honest. If I was tasked with minding this baklava shake, it would have been gone within seconds. This stuff is good. I mean, people rave on and on about Mister Gee’s burgers, which are good of course but this drink really deserves more credit. Okay its not the prettiest thing out there and comes in a plain green eco cup but boy is it tasty. The shake feels and tastes like the crew at Mister Gee have made a super delicious and creamy vanilla milkshake and then grind up bits of baklava into it, giving it that fantastic maple and pistachio flavour with little chunks of baklava everywhere.

So there you have it, Mister Gee’s. Yes this place is worth battling Parramatta Rd traffic and waiting over 30 minutes in line for. I haven’t tried any of the other burgers but from the pictures I’m seeing and have seen on Instagram, they look just as droolworthy. Plus, if burgers aren’t really your thing and you’re like me and love desserts but can’t eat meat, don’t worry! The Baklava shake is a dessert on its own. Plus I hear that sometimes, these awesome ice cream guys show up and whip up some nitrogen magic as well. They weren’t there when we were there but that may have been because it was Thursday, oh well! Next time. I will be back!

Oh, as I was actually quite sick on this particular day, my awesome sister and Ouk took these fantastic photos. You know how I said we waited 30 minutes for this burger? We’ll they did! I was sitting on a random ledge feeling nauseous.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

315 Parramatta Road, Haberfield (April, 2015)

Facebook: facebook.com/MisterGeeBurgerTruck

Instagram: instagram.com/mistergeeburgertruck

Opening hours:

Thursday to Saturday

6:30pm to 10:00pm

Mister Gee Burger Truck on Urbanspoon



    1. I had so little idea of what Haberfield was, I just didn’t have time to consider going anywhere else. That Parramatta road is a death trap, a death trap, I was lucky to get out alive. I think it’s best I see him as little as I currently do, so that the heart can grow fonder. I’m basing this off the zero baby knowledge that I have, though I’m seeing him soon anyway, so that should work.

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