The Schnitzel Haus, Braddon


Coming soon Now Crumbing!

Braddon has been going through a huge resurgence recently with a ton of fantastic new eateries opening up over the past couple of years. I probably didn’t need to mention that because of how often Canberra news outlets love talking about the “Braddon transformation” but you know, it kind of feels good to say something a bit newsy. Makes me feel legitimate. A bit.

Anyway, The Schitnzel Haus is something I’ve been looking forwards to for a really long time now ever since I saw the construction start up next to Hopscotch on Lonsdale Street. There was a fair bit of time when I had absolutely no idea what was coming, and to be fair I kind of just thought it’d be another hipster cafe. Do not get me wrong, I love hipster cafes as much as the next guy with black rimmed glasses, but between 80/20, Mood, LSR and Elemental, I feel like Braddon is a bit hipster cafe’d out, so imagine my glee when I found out this was going to be a casual den of crumbed meats!

The Schnitzel Haus is a really nice place, with a vibrant yellow decor that screams summer and bees, I feel like I’m walking into a cafe in a beach side town, instead of a cafe in Canberra, 2hrs and 30mins from any waves. What I noticed as soon as I walked inside was the freshness of a place that wasn’t at all trying to be vintage or hip. The Schnitzel Haus at it’s core is a casual place serving a casual food, and, again, as much as I love a hipster cafe, I do really appreciate places that aren’t afraid to be different.

We went to The Schnitzel Haus for lunch, and at the time only I (Ouk) was hungry, so Lily just kind of sat there and took pictures. Outside of how awkward that was, I felt I needed to mention that because we only ended up with one schnitzel. Sorry!


As with any good The Schnitzel Haus customer, schnitzel was the order of the day, but not just any schnitzel, the Original pork schnitzel ($21.90) with mushroom sauce. So here at the Schnitzel Haus you get a fair bit of choice, and it can be a bit overwhelming so I’m going to try and explain this, because it took me ages to work it out myself, and no one wants to waste time looking at menus!

First you get a choice of the schnitzel itself, either chicken, pork or veal. I went with pork because I personally believe that the pig is the best animal out there as far eating it goes. I am a huge fan of  everything that comes out of the humble pig, from bacon to belly, it’s just all absolutely fantastic! I know that there’s going to be a lot of clamour for veal since it’s kind of the ‘fancy’ option but I’ve been burned too many times with veal schnitzels in the past. I remember a time when I went to Goni’s up in Marrickville, Sydney for a schnitzel (if you’re into absolutely massive schnitzels I recommend you give that place a try!) and against the judgement of a friend of mine, I pushed for the veal. Cue spending the entire night chewing away at what had to be the rubberiest piece of meat I’ve ever had the good fortune of eating. Since then I’ve been a bit wary about crumbed veal so I stay away from it, though if you try it and it’s ok, please let me know! Outside of that you get to pick a sauce, out of mushroom, peppercorn or creamy garlic, which comes alongside your chosen schnitzel in a little cuppy thing.

Ok in hindsight it’s really not that complex. But the menu is massive, with various options including schnitzels topped with sausage, prawns and various flavour combinations which give you cool themed schnitzels like the Mexican or the Italian and so forth. You can also get schnitzels in burgers and a hotdog schnitzel, pretty cool aye? Oh and for anyone out there who doesn’t like crumbly goodness, there are also salads and mod oz entrees (and dessert!).


Here’s a close up of the schnitzel itself. Normally I’d say $21.90 is a lot for a schnitzel, and to be fair, it still kind of is. You’re probably thinking ‘Why should I pay this much when there are hundreds of schnitzel specials out there for just $10?’, like the one across the road at The Civic Pub. You’d probably have a point if you had that thought; this isn’t the biggest schnitzel in the world, measuring about 15cm lengthways but what I can say about it is that it’s quite possibly the tastiest schnitzel I’ve ever had in my life. Most schnitzels you get in those schnitty specials type joints are just pieces of meat tenderised to hell, crumbed with abandon and then chucked in the deep fat fryer. Still delicious, but there’s a certain lack of care taken with something like that. You might be able to see from the above picture that the texture and colour of the schnitzels here at The Schnitzel Haus is a little different. While it’s been coated in breadcrumbs just like any other schnitzel, a key difference is that there are little specks that show the herbs and spices that have gone onto this thing, and it’s really something that you’ll notice and appreciate with each bite that you take.

In addition to this, the schnitzels here are oven baked, not deep fried. I’m not someone to talk about healthiness so I won’t delve into that aspect of it, but this also has a secondary effect. The baking as opposed to deep frying gave the crumb an uneven crunch, which is actually an awesome thing. You have some sections and edges which are dark and charred while others remained light and crisp. It turns the humble schnitzel into a really fun meal with some slight variations in texture as you’re eating. I love super crispy and crunchy food, but I’d probably get really tired of it if the entire thing was like that and appreciate the variation that this cooking style affords. This schnitzel was noticeably lighter than other schnitzels I’ve had as well, so it didn’t grow to be too much as I was working my way through it.


So there you have it, our trip to The Schnitzel Haus. Just one schnitzel unfortunately, but this place impressed me more than enough to get me to come back and try some of their other dishes. They’ve got some standard options like salads and burgers, but something that really jumped out at me was a schnitzel hot dog! I’m imagining bits of schnitzel in a roll, and there’s one with mashed potato and gravy in it so that has got me fairly excited. The Schnitzel Haus somewhat surprisingly has a full bar as well, and I saw that it had Canadian Club and Dry on tap! Which I’ve never seen before at a bar so that was a bit cool/weird!

All in all, this was a really nice experience and I really enjoyed the product itself, it probably won’t replace the cheap $10 schnitzels from my diet entirely, since you really can’t beat that amazing deal, but whenever I feel like treating myself, this will definitely be up there in the list of things that I’ll partake in.



The Schnitzel Haus

5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon



Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday

11:00am to late

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    1. It ones of the best schnitzels I’ve ever had! A bit pricey so probably somewhere I would go to for a special treat!

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